The Egyptian Lenormand: Deck Reviews & General Information

The Egyptian Lenormand (Schiffer Books, 2015), copyright Nefer Khepri 2012 & 2015; copyright Schiffer Books, 2015). Featuring left to right: Sarcophagus, Snake, Desert Fox, Garden, Rider, Moon, Mountain, Key, Sun, & 176-page guidebook.

The Egyptian Lenormand (Schiffer Books, 2015), copyright Nefer Khepri 2012 & 2015; copyright Schiffer Books, 2015). Featuring left to right: Sarcophagus, Snake, Desert Fox, Garden, Rider, Moon, Mountain, Key, Sun, & 176-page guidebook.

I would like to thank the six individuals who took the time to post their reviews of my deck, The Egyptian Lenormand, to Amazon. Koneta Bailey of the blog “New Paths Tarot”, Mary Nale of Attune Magazine, Anita Perez, LaRaine, Anna from InnanaWorks, & Celene. I very much appreciate your feedback & that you took the time to share your opinions & experiences with The Egyptian Lenormand.

There are now a total of six deck reviews posted at Amazon, each of which gives The Egyptian Lenormand 5 stars. You can view the reviews here. 

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For those of you who have been kind enough to purchase The Egyptian Lenormand, I humbly thank you and ask that you please follow the Activation Ceremony in the guidebook and fully activate your deck. There are very special energies within the images. They were all channeled (with the sole exception of The Child) from the Egyptian deities with Whom I work. There is a chapter devoted to the Activation Ceremony with full and easy to follow instructions. There are also chapters on how to use the deck for healing and magical manifestation. It cannot be used for either unless it is activated. Without activation is it merely a deck for divination/fortune telling. Once activated, The Egyptian Lenormand becomes a powerful tool.

I thank everyone who has been contacting me via email & social media to share

My cat checking out The Cat card of my "Egyptian Lenormand" (Schiffer Books, 2015).

My cat checking out The Cat card of my “Egyptian Lenormand” (Schiffer Books, 2015).

their experiences of using The Egyptian Lenormand with me. I very much enjoy reading your messages.

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I wish for the cards to always hold only good things for you & may you always receive helpful and accurate readings, no matter which deck you use.

Many Blessings!

~ Nefer Khepri, PhD., R. M-T.

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Will Hillary Clinton Win the 2016 Presidential Election?

Many of my clients come to me with yes/no type of questions. There are simple methods to address a yes/no question for both Tarot and Lenormand. When reading for myself I normally do not do predictive readings. When consulting the Lenormand or Tarot I tend to focus on questions geared toward gaining guidance or finding out in general what to expect from a given situation. I do not ask yes/no questions very often, but my curiosity has gotten the best of me. So I am asking the Lenormand something that I am sure many people are wondering: Will Hillary Clinton Be Elected President in 2016?

Consulting my Egyptian Lenormand (Schiffer, 2015 & available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Book Depository, BooksAMillion & at other book sellers), I asked the question. I decided on the Obelisk card as the significator (The Tower card in other Lenormand decks). Obelisk represents authority as well as government institutions.

Shuffling the cards I pulled a simple Line of 5. The Line of 5 is read from left to right in a narrative style. I did pull the Obelisk on purpose by locating it in the deck & pulling the 2 cards prior to it & the 2 cards that follow it to create the reading. From left to right we have: Crossroads + Fish + Obelisk + Clouds + Sacred Cow. Sacred Cow is the same as The Bear card in other Lenormand decks.

The Crossroads, Fish, Obelisk, Clouds & Sacred Cow cards from "The Egyptian Lenormand" copyright Nefer Khepri 2012, 2015, & Schiffer Books 2015; published by Schiffer Books, 2015).

The Crossroads, Fish, Obelisk, Clouds & Sacred Cow cards from “The Egyptian Lenormand” copyright Nefer Khepri 2012, 2015, & Schiffer Books 2015; published by Schiffer Books, 2015).

Crossroads is about a choice, a decision needing to be made. This card covers all the past emphasis on the question of whether Hillary would run or not in 2016. That question alone received a great deal of media coverage.

Fish is the card of plenty and abundance in the Lenormand divinatory system. It can translate as “many.” I see this as indicating many people had a say in whether Hillary would run. She did not make the decision in isolation. Also, funding may have been a major issue that had to be carefully considered.

Obelisk is the pre-selected significator card. Known traditionally as The Tower, Obelisk represents government institutions, power, and authority. I chose this card to represent Hillary’s run for the White House since the presidency is the most powerful authority in America.

Clouds represents confusion, misunderstandings, perhaps even intentional misinformation. I believe this harkens back to the email scandal as well as her handling of the Benghazi incident. I think both of these issues will come back to haunt her repeatedly throughout her campaign. People are going to be digging for dirt extra hard for 2 reasons: 1) she’s a woman; and 2) she’s a Clinton.

Sacred Cow is the outcome. This is the same as the Bear card in other Lenormand decks. Sacred Cow represents a strong female character, sometimes a mother-figure. What stronger female would there be on the PLANET than a female US president? Sacred Cow can also represent your general finances (savings, investments) as well as  windfall.

Looking at the pattern of mirroring, we have Crossroads mirroring Obelisk, meaning that there is real authority behind her decision-making. She has some very intelligent advisers, not to mention her husband who has already been President so he knows the score.

Fish mirrors Clouds. This may not be so great for Hillary down the road. Fish is money, Clouds represents confusion or misinformation.  This might be indicating that some sort of financial scandal will affect her campaign or that there may be a mismanagement of campaign funds. That’s never a good thing.

Obelisk mirrors Sacred Cow. The way I see it, this indicates that there will be a huge influx of authority for Hillary, the type she has never had before. She will move way up in her social status. What is higher than the presidency?

Summing it up let’s examine Crossroads + Sacred Cow. This is telling us that a decision made will lead to a huge windfall, investments pay off. I see a successful outcome here.

The quintessence (this is when you add the card numbers all together to arrive at a single number that will represent a 6th card for the reading) is 22 + 34 + 19 + 6 + 15 = 96.  There are not 96 cards in a Lenormand deck so 96 is further reduced by adding the digits together, which gets us 9 + 6 = 15.

The quintessence of this reading is Card # 15, which happens to be Sacred Cow. A windfall.

Based upon this reading, I’m predicting here for the record that Hillary Clinton will win her bid for the White House in 2016. Furthermore, as many head to the polls to finalize their decision (Crossroads), when paired with Sacred Cow, it looks like Hillary very well could win in a landslide. The quintessence of the reading also supports that conclusion.

And there you have it, but do keep in mind this is a yes/no question & as such there is a 50% probability of getting it right OR wrong. We will all know the answer come November 4, 2016.

Beautiful Creatures Tarot: Deck Review

The Beautiful Creatures Tarot                                                                                    Beautiful Creatures Tarot
Book: J. r. Rivera
Artwork: Jasmine Becket-Griffith
Schiffer Books, 2015
The Beautiful Creatures Tarot comes housed in the sturdy laminated magnetic hinged box for which Schiffer is now known. The box measures 6 X 9” and can be stored on its end like a book thus requiring less room in your bookcase. The magnetic lid remains closed so the deck can be stored as if it were a book. The deck is stored within two recessed wells and the 6 X 9” guidebook rests on top of the cards.
The Beautiful Creatures Tarot is a collaborative effort between J. r. Rivera (guide book author) and Jasmine Becket-Griffith, who is well known as the artist behind a number of oracle decks. Her style focuses on the eyes of her characters, which are always lovely and oversized that immediately draw your attention to the faces of the characters she paints.
The Sun & 10 of Waters from The Beautiful Creatures Tarot, Schiffer Books 2015.

The Sun & 10 of Waters from The Beautiful Creatures Tarot, Schiffer Books 2015.

The card images are lovely representations of 1 – 3 females on each card all of whom sport the trademark large eyes of Griffith’s style. Griffith paints with acrylics and her images contain a luminescence that creates an aura of mystery around the figures she creates.
The Beautiful Creatures Tarot differs from traditional Tarot decks in two main areas: some of the major arcana cards are renamed, and the court cards do not reflect the typical medieval court organization, but are based upon astrological correspondences.
The differing card names within the major arcana are as follows:
The Fool = The Explorer
Strength = The Fortitude
Justice = The Equilibrium
Hanged Man = The Swinging One
Death = The Transformation
Temperance = The Mediator
The Devil = The Addiction
The Tower = The Unexpected
The court cards of The Beautiful Creatures Tarot can be confusing to someone who is new to Tarot. The Pages are
named for each of the Elements and are called Nymphs. Their information concludes the chapter on court cards while the other court cards are named for their astrological correspondences. They begin with the Ram as Aries, moving to Taurus as the Bull, the Twins as Gemini, and so on.
The 4 Nymphs (Pages) from The Beautiful Creatures Tarot (Schiffer Books, 2015)

The 4 Nymphs (Pages) from The Beautiful Creatures Tarot (Schiffer Books, 2015)

One example is that the Ram of Fires corresponds to the traditional Queen of Wands.
The Ram of Fires from The Beautiful Creatures Tarot (Schiffer Books 2015)

The Ram of Fires from The Beautiful Creatures Tarot (Schiffer Books 2015)

Suits are Fires (Wands), Waters (Cups), Airs (Swords), and Earths (Pentacles).
The guidebook has 152 pages with black and white images of the cards. The spreads include a one card/one answer spread; a 3-card spread; The Beautiful & Ugly; The 3-Card Mirror Within; The 3-card Beauty, Truth & Light; the 5-card Triage en Croix; the 5-card Mind Over Heart; 5-card 30-Day Outlook; 5-card Voice of the Beautiful Creatures; the 7-card Vice Versa; & the 7-card Family Tree and Hereditary spread. As far as spreads go this book presents an excellent selection from which to choose.
The card interpretations begin with keywords and a description of the card’s imagery. Both upright and reversed meanings are provided. There are two additional cards: You Are One and The Supernatural, thus making The Beautiful Creatures Tarot an 80-card Tarot deck. The guidebook concludes with eight lined journal pages for notes.
The cards measure 3 ½” x 5” and are constructed from a sturdy card stock with just enough flexibility to allow for relatively easy shuffling. The borders are purple along the base with the card title in white along the base of the image. The rest of the border is black.
Extra Cards: You Are One & The Supernatural from The Beautiful Creatures Tarot (Schiffer Books, 2015)

Extra Cards: You Are One & The Supernatural from The Beautiful Creatures Tarot (Schiffer Books, 2015)

Images consist exclusively of females, except for The Lovers and 2 of Waters. Jasmine Becket-Griffiths is known for depicting females with large, prominent eyes and faces with the body being smaller and not emphasized as much as the head. The artwork has a fairy tale ethereal air to it. The cards are really lovely and card backs are completely reversible for those of you who take reversed card meanings into account for your readings.
Card back from The Beautiful Creatures Tarot (Schiffer Books 2015)

Card back from The Beautiful Creatures Tarot (Schiffer Books 2015)

Overall, The Beautiful Creatures Tarot makes for a lovely addition to your Tarot collection. My banker husband who is not into Tarot at all kept telling me what a “cute” deck this is. The Beautiful Creatures Tarot does have a nice energy to it that makes the deck very enjoyable and is definitely is a must-have for all fans of Jasmine Becket-Griffith’s artwork.

How Are Card Readings Useful?

Have you ever wondered if getting a card reading would help you? Is there a decision weighing heavily on your mind? Or perhaps you wish you had more information about a certain situation in your life? People get card readings for all sorts of reasons, but the most common reason over the years seems to be the search for validation of their own intuition. You may have a hunch as to what you should do about a certain situation, but you have no way of knowing for sure how your actions would work out. Obtaining a card reading can present you with guidance as to not only how your proposed actions would work out, but if they would NOT work out then the reading ought to provide you with additional guidance as to what sort of action would be required. Here is an example I’d like to share with you.

The situation is that a woman is dating a wonderful man right now, but an ex recently came back into her life. She was wondering if she should continue on with the new man and forget her ex or if she should give him a second chance. The reading consisted of two Lines of 5 readings. A Line of 5 is a typical Lenormand spread consisting of 5 cards that are read left to right in a type of narrative style while paying attention to every 2-card combination. I pulled 5 cards on Man 1, reshuffled the deck & then pulled 5 more cards on Man 2.

From the card draw she received it became immediately obvious to me which man was the better choice for her. Looking at the two images below can you also tell which man is the better choice?

The Egyptian Lenormand, by Nefer Khepri (Schiffer Books, 2015)

The Egyptian Lenormand, by Nefer Khepri (Schiffer Books, 2015)

The Egyptian Lenormand by Nefer Khepri (Schiffer Books, 2015).

The Egyptian Lenormand by Nefer Khepri (Schiffer Books, 2015).

Briefly, Man 1’s cards are overall much more positive than Man 2’s cards.

Man 1’s reading begins with The Stars, a very positive card. It represents guidance from Above, meaning from your angels, spirit guides or God Him/Herself. This is the card of illumination and it casts its light on the darkness, thus bringing important things to light while destroying the shadows. It overcomes negativity and brings blessings.

Mountain represents obstacles, delays, obstructions, things that slow us down or cause us problems (big or small, but mainly big!). Mountain can also represent lofty goals we hold for ourselves that may take some time to achieve. Man 1 has been dealing with some difficulties for a while. These are things that may have been blown out of proportion, though. They are not insurmountable and I feel he may be coming out of the problem-time right about now or very soon. In the meantime he’s been very worried and preoccupied about it and he may not have told my client the whole story, if anything at all.

The Letter represents just that – a letter or some other form of written documentation; such as, a prescription, diploma, report card, passport/visa, and other important documents. This is something in writing.It’s odd for the Letter to appear in this type of reading unless it is providing some details about Man 1’s  interests. The Letter would indicate he likes to write. It may also indicate he enjoys reading quite a bit. Related to Mountain, The Letter is telling us that the worries are over something written, so there is written documentation of the problem and Man 1 is now having to deal with it.

The Sarcophagus is the card of endings and transformations. Major change is afoot when Sarcophagus appears in a reading. Something is about to come to an end so something new and better can begin. Sarcophagus brings the preceding cards to an end, so what I’m seeing here is that those problems caused by something written are coming to a close. Everything is nearly resolved now and should be over with shortly. Sarcophagus is telling us that this situation is transitory and it shall soon pass.

The Key concludes the Line of 5 on Man 1. Like The Stars, Key is also a very positive card. Keys open and lock doors. Therefore, The Key can signify new opportunities on their way, success, and safety/security. Following Sarcophagus, The Key is saying that the ending that is coming is going to lead to many new or much better opportunities in the near future. So whatever this is that Man 1 has been worried about will not only pass, but once it clears out things are going to be much better for him in general and he can look forward to much better times ahead.

Things do not look so bright for Man # 2, who is the ex. Sickle represents cutting, separation, harvesting, and sometimes danger or cuts and abrasions. Sickle is one of the few Lenormand cards that is directional, meaning that it’s very important to see which way the main symbol of the image is pointing. Where the tip of the Sickle points that is what is being cut. As the first card Sickle represents the past so this is the past break up between my client & her ex. The tip of the Sickle points to the next card, Garden.

Garden represents socializing, social activities, groups of people, friends, co-workers, and can represent large gatherings in parks or attending movies or concerts. What was “cut” by Sickle was socializing. Man 2 may have been very controlling and may not have allowed her to see her friends as often as she would have liked. This could have lead to the break up.

Snake is the central card. The central card is the focal point in the Line of 5 reading. The Snake represents vindictiveness, manipulation, and is usually an older woman who is very intelligent yet bitter. However, I’ve seen Snake to come up for a man, especially when he can be “catty” like a woman can. Following Garden the Snake is saying that there was someone within their social circle who caused issues with the relationship. They may have taken a dislike to one of the partners. Also, her friends may have viewed him as manipulating her and if he was insisting she spend more time with him and ignore her friends they may have been very resentful of him and wished for the couple to break up.

The Moon represents fame and recognition for one’s work. This is also a card of creativity. Here, it is trapped  between two very negative cards, Snake and Desert Fox. The Moon says that Man 2 has a reputation and it isn’t a good one. Due to the presence of Snake he can be deceptive.

The Desert Fox concludes the Line of 5 on Man 2.  The Desert Fox is deceitful, very intelligent – but in a cunning/tricky sort of way. He loves to pull the wool over a person’s eyes. He will appear in one guise to you, but with someone else he will be a totally different person. He excels at putting on airs, taking on different roles, and is quite the actor. You can never be sure if you are seeing the real him or not when you’re with a Desert Fox man. They wear all sorts of masks and they excel at keeping their inner selves hidden completely. As the relationship went on she may have discovered some things about Man 2 that really shocked her, or she may have suspected these things existed.

In conclusion, it could not be more clear-cut than this, which is why I love the Lenormand card system so much. They tell it like it is and they are to the point.

Immediate feedback from my client was that she was guessing Man 1 was the better choice, but she had to be sure. She also said she was already listening to her intuition and had basically decided to stay with Man 1. In this case she used a card reading to validate her own intuition or gut hunches, which is one of the main reasons people come to me for Lenormand and Tarot readings.

In short, card readings are useful because they can validate our own intuitive gut hunches. It’s scary to simply follow a hunch, but with a card reading backing it up it gives a person a great deal more faith in their own judgment and they are then better equipped to carry through with their decisions.

The Egyptian Lenormand is now shipping from,,, &  If you would like a SIGNED copy directly from me, you may order at I ship worldwide. If you would like a Tarot or Lenormand reading from me you can place your order at

UFO & Alien Management: Book Review & Author Interview

UFO and Alien Management: A Guide to Discovering, Evaluating, and Directing Sightings, Abductions, and Contactee ExperiencesUFO & Alien Management

Dinah Roseberry

Paperback spiral-bound


I’m not big into aliens and UFOs, but I will tell you I saw a UFO once, maybe twice, but definitely once & one of my best friends was with me so I have a witness. It was hovering over a home in our neighborhood & we ran the 2 blocks back to my house screaming our heads off all the way. It’s one of those things a person just never forgets. What if you have had a UFO or alien experience, but you have blocked it from your consciousness?  UFO & Alien Management addresses that as well as offers information for those who do remember their experiences, or bits & pieces of them. The author, Dinah Roseberry, focuses on offering information on how any reader of this book can take themselves through a UFO/alien regression in order to discover if they have hidden memories. If you just suspect you MIGHT have had an experience, this book is definitely geared to help those who may be repressing memories to bring them forward so they can then be dealt with in a healthy manner.

UFO & Alien Management has a sturdy cardboard cover akin to higher grade paperback books; however, unlike a typical book, this one is spiral-bound. This is done so the book will lie flat when a person is reading the text for a guided regression session. As you read UFO & Alien Management you will not have to keep your hand on the book to keep it open to a page or weigh the sides of the book down with rocks or anything if you are using it for a regression. It lies perfectly flat for this purpose, which is a very nice touch as it makes the use of the book easy and convenient.

Printed on semi-glossy high-grade paper and consisting of 80 pages, UFO & Alien Management  is a presentation in a simple and straightforward manner. Dinah Roseberry has a very personable way of writing and you will feel as though she’s right there next to you telling you all about the subject matter. UFO & Alien Management would be enjoyable by anyone who has had an alien or UFO experience, but even if you haven’t and you’re just a fan of Star Trek or Star Wars, the book is a very interesting read.

I recently had an opportunity to speak with Dinah about her book. What follows is that interview.

Nefer: The importance of spiritual protection during an ET regression is a new one on me. Would you care to further expand upon the reasoning behind this? Have you or your clients had negative experiences, hence the need for protection?

Dinah: There are all kinds of situations where one should practice protection. Paranormal investigators (the smart ones) do this routinely because things can turn wrong on a dime. Star Beings are an unknown; there is lots of speculation about good, bad; right, wrong; safe, dangerous. It’s best never to take chances. I have definitely heard of those who have had frightening things happen to them relating to UFOs and Star People. Protection is protection and can be used for anything—a trip to the dentist, a long drive down a dangerously icy highway, a visitation from aliens. Why wouldn’t someone want their spiritual protection in place before becoming involved in things unknown? It never hurts to be careful. My recommendation is not to enter this field without it.

Nefer: It sounds from reading your book, UFO and Alien Management, that you have worked with Archangel Michael a long time. What has your experience with him been like?

Dinah: I always feel protected now that I know he is about. I found out about his protective nature when attending an Angel workshop with Pat Cassell. Through her, he offered a specific prayer so that he could be called upon whenever I needed him for protection. Believe me, I keep him running! I don’t always call on him just for myself, either, but for anyone going through anything! A psychic I know asked me once if I had a request for Michael. (She hears her answers audibly in her head (clairaudient).) I asked for more protection. He answered: “What, again?!” She said that he laughed and then added, “Of course.” I also interact with the archangel Raphael for my health and other angels have shown up in varied readings I’ve had. I’m always in awe whenever I feel they are around.

Nefer: What is/are your reason(s) for writing this book? How do you hope your book will help others?

Dinah: To be absolutely honest, I decided to write this book because of money. Not making money, but because I know that people sometimes find the high cost of hypnosis for alien abduction or UFO experiences to be beyond what they can manage. I went through this personally and just had to let things pass me by, because I could not afford to purchase assistance. Some fifteen years or so later, an opportunity was given to me to become a certified hypnotist (more archangel, guide, and light being help). I found that there was a way to conduct a “pre-session” via visualization that could give lots of information about any kind of UFO event for someone wanting to “find out what really happened.” For my process, one just has to be calm, persistent, follow the rules closely, and allow the information to surface. Then, at that time, a person can decide if a hypnotist or other assistance is needed. Oftentimes, their questions will be answered and no more help will be desired. The book takes a self-help approach, giving the methods, the preparations, the goals, the cautions…it offers a helpful and important place to start.

Nefer: Can someone benefit from your book who has had no UFO or ET experiences?

Dinah: The short answer is yes. Some people don’t think they have had an experience, when in fact they have. This can bring that kind of thing up from the subconscious. Also, people interested in the topic can use the method to make contact, but I do suggest caution with this and for people to consider the dangers.

Nefer: You list different types of aliens. Most readers will only be familiar with the Grays. Is it safe to assume different alien races have different agendas; and if so, how do we know this to be the case?

Dinah: This, of course, is total speculation. I haven’t a clue about agendas. Much of what I have experienced, read about, heard about, etc. spouts theory—just like I do. (Although I should mention that I’ve had several experiences and was part of a small group who—on September 13, 2012—saw 19 UFOs.) We really don’t know the truths or whys. Are there people who do know? I believe there are. And yes, I believe they are keeping information from us. (I guess you can see that I’m a bona fide conspiracy theorist.) My thinking is this: if we, here on this planet, have people who have agendas, why wouldn’t that kind of thing occur everywhere in some fashion? The whole thing is a scary concept. It always rolls back to the question: Do we really want to know? Uhmm, sorta kinda maybe—as long as there are no big spider aliens. I just couldn’t deal with that. (And I should say that I’ve heard that there are bug aliens that resemble spiders.) We very well could be taking a chance trying to interact just because of this agenda thing. Speculation all.

Nefer: In your considered opinion, are aliens here to merely observe (as in: “hey! Let’s take the kids to the zoo!”), to help with our technological development or physical evolution, or to take our planet for their own? What is/are your reason(s) for your opinion?

Dinah: I do believe they are observing and one source has said to me that we are never alone in our lives—there are dozens of aliens standing in our rooms watching everything we do—24/7. (Creepy.) We’ve all heard about the good ones, too. They are here to help us move our vibrations upward—boy do we need more help if that’s the case. There must be some truth to the theory that there is a council that rules over the whole body, otherwise why wouldn’t they just come on down and a) take over, b) have us for lunch—or take us to lunch, c) get rid of all the scum—or add said scum, d) cure our diseases or wipe us out with their own brand of germ; or e) give us still more technology (maybe they already have and that’s why we have so many problems). I try to keep an open mind on these things. I want really bad to believe in the good…and I’ve had mostly good experiences. Others I’ve talked to, not so much. Which brings us back to your beginning question about protection!

I wish to thank Dinah Roseberry for taking the time to reply to my questions about UFO & Alien Management. I believe her contribution to the field to be an important one as it will allow many to access regression techniques that until now may have been beyond their means. I do reiterate what Dinah has said and stress the importance to everyone to please invoke some type of spiritual protection before any regression attempt. This also goes for contacting your spirit guides and even reading Tarot, Lenormand or oracle decks. 


People can find out more about Dinah Roseberry and her books at or specifically her  book UFO and Alien Management at

Positive Affirmations for Today

Positive Affirmations for Today

The Only Goal, from "Messages of Light." Image &Text on image (C) Mario Duguay, 2003.

The Only Goal, from “Messages of Light.” Image &Text on image (C) Mario Duguay, 2003.

Focus on the path ahead of you and imagine your path illuminated by a golden light from above. Breathe deeply as you also inhale this sacred light into your very soul. Know that no matter what obstacles may fall across your path you WILL achieve your objective. You WILL be successful.
Wishing you all a wonderful day ahead,
Nefer Khepri, PhD., R. M-T.
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How to Use Your Body As Your Own Personal Oracle Stuart Miles, 2012. Image ID 100123080. Stuart Miles, 2012. Image ID 100123080.

Every single day each of us is faced with options and alternatives about which we must make a choice. Sometimes choices are obvious, but many times they are not and this leaves us questioning which option or alternative is correct for us. Your intuition & your own body hold the answers that you seek.
Most people do not read Tarot or do any other type of divination, nor are they gifted psychics. In fact, the majority of people have a difficult time connecting with their intuition. There is a way to connect with your own body and learn to use it as a valuable tool for assessing a situation, a list of options, and anything else about which you are facing a decision. This method is simple to carry out and you can practice it anywhere, even in front of other people. They will never be aware of what you are doing.
Our bodies are natural barometers. They respond in various ways to external stimuli. This is why when you visit certain places you may feel sad or upset in some way. That’s because your body is picking up on the sad or upsetting things that have happened in that location (except in cases where you have bad memories of the location, of course). Certain people may also make you feel unpleasant for whatever reasons. These feelings well up because that is how your body is choosing to respond. Your own energy field has analyzed the environment and finds it to be less than satisfactory so your body has a physical reaction.
Your body’s reactions are your clues as to when something is a good choice for you, or not.  When something “feels” right you may experience happiness, relief, or any other positive emotion. Your physical body will feel loose, perhaps completely tension-free and you
Image 100174993 from Posted by Farconville, 2013.

Image 100174993 from Posted by Farconville, 2013.

won’t have any unpleasant physical sensations. When something is not right for you your body will also react, but in a negative manner. You can feel any number of things ranging from mild anxiety or worry to severe reactions like trouble breathing, physical pain in various places (especially the neck, chest and stomach), numbness and tingling. Basically, any unpleasant reaction is your body’s way of telling you, “No, this is not right for you,” while the positive reactions or a feeling of being free of negative reactions is your body’s way of telling you, “Yes, go for this. It’s a good choice.”
How do we then actively ask our body for help with life’s choices and decisions? Here is the simple method I have used for years and it has helped me tremendously. I am not sure where I learned it, but most likely I read it in a book somewhere. I have used this method for over 30 years and it has worked well for me nearly every single time. The trick is simply this: it does take practice. It does take time to learn how your body really responds to external stimuli and it will take time for you to decipher your own body’s clues for you, but it can be done and it shouldn’t take you very long to master this process.
There are just a few simple steps to take. What I suggest is if you are faced with more than 2 choices or options, write down a list. Leave space underneath or next to each option on the list so you can take notes as to how each makes your body feel. By the end of the session you should have your answer. In many cases this method works the first time you use it as long as you can quiet your mind enough to truly focus on your body.
Once you have your list, the first thing you do is close your eyes (unless you’re in front of others then leave your eyes open) and breathe deeply and slowly. Breathe in and out slowly 10 times. This helps to clear your mind and it also settles your nerves if you find the decision upsets you or makes you feel anxious. This is also a good practice for anti-anxiety. When you find yourself feeling anxious or worried take a time out to breathe in and out deeply 10 times. The additional oxygen entering your body will help to calm you.
After you have carried out the breathing exercise allow your mind to focus on ONE option. Continue the deep breathing and bring your attention to your body. Give yourself a mental scan beginning with your head, working down to your neck, shoulders, chest, arms, stomach, hips, your legs and finally your feet. Ask yourself if you are feeling any tightness, pain, or any other type of discomfort in any of these areas. Pay special attention to your head, neck, chest and stomach. These areas of our bodies are much more sensitive to external stimuli than the rest of us and you will most likely notice a reaction in these areas before you notice anything anywhere else in your body.
Follow this same process for each option and in between be sure to take notes on your list of options so you don’t forget what your body felt when you considered each alternative. Once you have gone through all your alternatives examine your list and your notes. There is an excellent chance that you now have your answer.
Our bodies are wonderful tools. We do not just reside within them. They are barometers for what is going on in our lives, but it is up to each of us to train ourselves to understand the signals our bodies send to us. I hope that you find this article to be helpful.
Wishing You Many Blessings!
Nefer Khepri, PhD., R. M-T.
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