Review: Holistic Tarot by Benebell Wen

There are quite a few comprehensive books about Tarot, but Tarot Holistics tops them all. If you buy ONE book about Tarot that book should be Tarot Holistics.

At 874 pages, Tarot Holistics now holds the record for the longest book I’ve read since my years in graduate school. Despite its length, author Benebell Wen breaks the book down into manageable chapters that can be slowly enjoyed over time like a fine wine. I really took my time reading Tarot Holistics because, as with all truly great books, I did not want to see this one come to an end.

Consisting of 33 chapters with one chapter containing 39 chapter sections, nine appendices, thirty pages of annotated endnotes, and a 25 page index, the only thing lacking that I would have appreciated is a bibliography. Sources are mentioned throughout the endnotes thus making Tarot Holistics an indispensable addition to any Tarot library.

Chapter headings are as follows:

  • Tarot Analytics: A Holistic Approach
  • A Concise History Lesson
  • Allaying Fears and Offering Theories
  • Choosing Your Deck
  • Anatomy of the Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot
  • The Personal Journal
  • Beginner Rote Learning
  • Keywords
  • Cyclopedia of Card Meanings
  • Signifier Cards
  • The First Operation
  • Interpreting Court Cards
  • On Shuffling, Cutting and Drawing
  • The Fundamentals of Reading Spreads
  • Consideration of the Spread Landscape
  • Devising Tarot Spreads
  • Tarot Readings: A Step-by-Step Analytical Process
  • The Five Components of Circumstance
  • Assuaging Seekers When a Reading Seems Negative
  • Reading Tarot for Yourself
  • The Setting of a Tarot Reading and Energetic Supplements
  • Intermediate Ruminations and Practicum
  • The Value of Meditation to Tarot Practice
  • Inappropriate Questions
  • Ethical Considerations of the Tarot
  • Tarot and Love
  • Tarot and Professional Development
  • Using Tarot to Build Resilience
  • Depth Diagnostics
  • The Opening of the Key
  • Tarot de Marseille and the Thoth
  • The Professional Practice of the Tarot
  • A Personal Essay: How I Started
  • Appendix A: Tarot Spreads Quick Reference
  • Appendix B: Astrological Symbols and Elemental Associations
  • Appendix C: Ruminations on the Major Arcana
  • Appendix D: Profile Tables and Ruminations on the Minor Arcana
  • Appendix E: Profile Tables for Interpreting Court Cards
  • Appendix F: Numerological Associations
  • Appendix G: Pythagorean Numerology
  • Appendix H: Sample Logs and Templates
  • Appendix I: The Marseille Major Arcana

The most valuable types of information Tarot Holistics provides to new & seasoned readers alike in my opinion are:

  • discussion of court cards & the correspondences among them, which makes it simple to compare the different personality types
  • the analysis of the Rider-Waite-Smith that runs for 176 pages
  • the inclusion of 38 spreads that takes up 141 pages (see also Appendix A that discusses tarot spreads for an additional 46 pages)
  • card imagery and how it relates one card to the other in the landscape of a spread
  • Appendix G: Pythagorean Numerology

Personally, what I appreciate the most about Tarot Holistics is the writing stay of Benebell Wen. As an author myself I know that for a book of this length and type a conversational author’s voice is very important. How many long books have you picked up that had such a dry and boring tone that they put you to sleep? Tarot Holistics is not one of those books.

If you’re put off by the length do not allow that to stop you from adding this book to your collection. The writing style is quite personable. Throughout Tarot Holistics I felt as though Benebell Wen was speaking with me about Tarot over a cup of coffee in a nice little sidewalk cafe. The conversational tone of Tarot Holistics makes what may be an otherwise burdensome tome to digest a fun yet highly informative read.

I give Tarot Holistics the highest recommendation of any Tarot book I have ever read. If you’re new to Tarot, have limited space in your home in which to store books, or are on a tight budget so you require a book that covers Tarot completely & efficiently, I recommend Tarot Holistics to you.

You will not be disappointed.

As with most titles I review, I did receive this as a free review copy from the publisher. Receipt of an item does not guarantee I shall review it. I review only those titles I enjoy and think my readership will also enjoy and/or find useful.


~ Nefer

Spells/Enchantments, Readings & Visionary Art

Egyptian Lenormand signed & activated copies



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David Bowie: The Passing of an Icon

When I woke up this morning my first thought of the day was this: Bowie1

“OMG, what a totally SHITTY dream! Bowie dead? WTH!!”

I went about my business. This state of bliss lasted a full hour. Then I got online. The shock & grief has hit me all over again!

I’m not crying my eyes out like I did yesterday, nor am I strangling my poor cat with hugs (at least not yet, but that’s probably coming!). Yet, I feel such a VOID. A tremendous sense of loss I have not felt since my own parents died in 2008 and 2009.

As an empathic psychic intuitive, Sunday night I felt it. This SHIFT. A sudden change in everything. A sudden change in the energy field of the entire world. I turned on the TV and didn’t see anything earth shattering occurring so I turned it off and my husband and I went to sleep with me telling him, “tomorrow morning there will be some terrible news.”

Like Obi-Wan Kenobi, I had felt it. A tremendous disturbance in The Force.

My husband’s standard reply to my psychic forecasts is always, “yeah, whatever.” He rolled over and was snoring within five minutes. I laid there wide awake until well after 2:30 AM just knowing the next day the world would be forever altered.

I woke up the next morning and after checking on my family I felt a slight sense of relief, yet I also felt something was OFF. Definitely VERY off. I felt odd. I felt like a stranger in my own home. Suddenly, everything looked different to me. It didn’t look like MY house. These items did not feel like MY things.

I carried out my usual morning routine and it was during my cup of coffee a sense of grief suddenly and inexplicably overcame me. I called my favorite uncle. He was fine and happy to hear from me. He said if he died he would be sure to let me know immediately. He would, too!

Then I began my work day, which always begins with me going into my email and then checking my messages & the groups I administer on Facebook. My usual morning continues with doing readings and performing candle work. Afternoons are used for creating works of visionary art on commission and working on future deck and book projects. That is my day everyday in a nutshell.

The morning of January 11, 2016 would be very different from any morning I have experienced since December 9, 1980, which, until 2009 had been the worst morning of my entire life ~ the morning after the evening John Lennon was murdered.

That day, despite my wonderful dad staying home to help my mom break the terrible news to me, my parents forced me to attend school. I was a senior in high school at the time. I wore a Beatles t-shirt, one of many in my collection at the time. My t-shirt was covered with every Beatles button I owned.

The experience was surreal. The halls were 80% empty. I had a substitute for every single class. Complete strangers were walking up to me in the hallways expressing their sympathies and giving me hugs. I cried the entire day in front of everyone. The next day I was sick from all of it so my parents had no choice but to allow me to remain home where I mourned John in private.

On the morning of September 20, 2009 at 9:35 AM I received the phone call to inform me my father had just passed. My family had been all dressed and literally on our way out the door to attend church. Instead, we drove to his room at the nursing home where he had been living out his final months suffering from Parkinson’s Disease and dementia. It was there I hugged and cried over the corpse of my father who had worked two jobs most of his life, but in between always found time to take me to the park where he taught me to play baseball and tennis.

September 20, 2009 was the most difficult morning of my life.

My dad was my HERO. He always put me first and made great financial sacrifices to send me to college when he himself never had any education beyond the sixth grade level. He had been a laborer his entire life, but he never complained. His nickname for me was, “Mi Tesora,” which is Spanish for, “my treasure.”

I took his death very hard, obviously. I still miss him and always shall. That is a void that will never be filled by anyone or anything else.

I also have an artistic, and in a way, a professional father.  A man whom I never met in this reality, yet he taught me what it Bowie2was like to be fearless. To be true to yourself.

To BE yourself.

He taught me about the possibility of personal reinvention, which I carried out on myself in 1996 when I realized the academic career I had chosen for myself was clearly not for me. I have been living my reinvented life ever since and enjoying it immensely.

David Bowie showed me that reinventing yourself was not only possible, but in some cases it was the only thing to do in order to evolve and continue on your life path.

There are three musicians I admire more than all others combined. No one else even comes close. John Lennon was one. David Bowie is another. My favorite is Paul McCartney.

I never got to see John perform, but I was blessed to see David perform three times and


My daughter & I with me in my 1993 tour t-shirt with my daughter wearing my 1989 tour t-shirt. This is my favorite picture of us.

Paul five times, the latest being in 2012 when I had the ultimate pleasure of taking my child, then 14 years old, to her first Paul McCartney concert, which she enjoyed so much that she cried ~ and she isn’t a huge fan by any stretch of the imagination. I told her I was taking her because I knew it would be good for her soul. She protested a bit, but at the concert I watched as tears of happiness streamed down her face. When it was over I asked her, “Now, wasn’t that just the best darn thing you’ve ever seen?” All she could do was nod. She was still overcome with emotion.

All three of these people have one thing in common other than music: they were (and are!) all icons. An icon defines an age, a state of being. The Beatles defined a generation. I can’t tell you how many times I have seen that statement in print.

As for David Bowie, he was making conceptual music videos a decade before MTV was a gleam in anyone’s eye. You most likely will be hard pressed to find anyone to argue with the statement that Bowie fathered the music video revolution that redefined music and performance.

These days we take music videos for granted and many are honestly downright irritating, but back in the early 70’s, for Bowie, videos were a conceptual art form before anyone even knew what a music video really was, except for The Beatles, of course, who also broke ground with music videos back in the 1960s that were not straight performance pieces or psychedelic lip syncing exercises.

Here is his first, actually from 1969, entitled “Space Oddity,” which he would later recreate as a studio performance video in 1972 as his alter ego, Ziggy Stardust.

As you can see from the “Space Oddity” video, Bowie was so far ahead of his time that it scared people and caused many to misunderstand that his Ziggy, Thin White Duke, and the other characters were just that – characters. David Bowie was an artist who was merely acting out his own intellectual constructs. He was the ultimate method actor. He lived his characters and through him his characters lived life.

Facing his own impending death, Bowie wrote and recorded what he knew what was to be his final album and final videos. He had been diagnosed with terminal cancer around eighteen months ago, but only his inner circle knew.

Leave it to David Bowie as the consummate performer to transmute his death into one final piece of Art, the video for the song, “Lazarus,” named for the man whom Jesus Christ rose from the dead.

I feel the title of the song is quite telling. It’s Bowie’s last message to the world.

“I may be physically gone, but I have left my mark. I shall never be forgotten. My fans will remember me and keep me alive in their hearts. Future generations will discover my work and I shall continue to live on. Now and always” ~ message received 1/12/16.

It is in that manner that David Bowie will continue to rise from the dead over and over and over again as his work is rediscovered by many.

In the words of another icon, “Well we all shine on like the moon and the stars and the sun” ~ John Lennon.

I am by far no expert on world culture or even music, but I know one thing. When musical and cultural historians look back on the year 2016, I believe the defining moment has already occurred.

The passing of an icon.


~ Nefer

Spells/Enchantments, Readings & Visionary Art

Egyptian Lenormand signed & activated copies



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The Importance of Self-Care

Let’s face facts. When you’re a mom you are incredibly busy. Your kids need your love, care, help, & attention. If you’re married, you are also a wife. Your spouse also needs your love, care, help, & attention. Unless you have a cook and a maid, as the mom it usually falls on your shoulders to prepare the meals, clean the house, do the laundry, and a myriad of other household chores that vary by circumstances.

No one ever said it was easy being a Mom. No one ever said that being there 24/7 for everyone – even when you’re sick – was effortless. Being a mom requires a great deal of focus, love, and energy.


My husband, daughter & I. Christmas, 2015

I am a mother to a 17 year old daughter, a soon to be 11 year old dog, & a 3 year old cat. I am married so I am also a wife & I run a household. I am also a businesswoman & have run my own business at since 1998. I am also a professional artist as well as a published author & artist (The Egyptian Lenormand, published by Schiffer Books, 2015).

Moms have so many things going on in their lives that we seldom find any time for ourselves. Our “self” gets lost in always doing for others. It is fulfilling to be there for our spouses & children. I consider being a mom as one of the greatest (if not THE greatest) blessings of my life. Sometimes, despite how grateful I am for my child, husband, dog, cat, and home I lose myself in the shuffle.

I read a post on Facebook by my good friend, Rosemarie. She has four children. Her oldest girl is attending college, her second oldest is in high school, and she has two young boys in elementary school. Her hands are full every single day, just as the hands of a mom are full everyday.

Rosemarie posted that she was feeling not herself. Tired, worn out, perhaps stressed, but she brought up a very important point. She said she needed to return to her spiritual center. She had to find time to focus more on herself so she could replenish her soul.

Rosemarie wondered if she was being selfish.

As a very busy mom and business person I empathized with Rosemarie immediately. I have been in her shoes many, many times. I commented under her post. This is my comment:

“This is NOT a matter of being selfish. You’re a wife, mother, daughter, friend, and all the other roles you have in life. In order to do your best at fulfilling your obligations to each of those roles you have to be feeling your best. This requires you spend more time on yourself.

“Nurture yourself by doing those things you enjoy doing, things that feed your soul. When we constantly give to & take care of others we get drained. This happens to us moms most of all. We are always doing for others & we forget about ourselves & everyone is under the impression that Mom can handle it all & never needs any help.

“This is why it’s important we help ourselves by maybe taking an extra long bubble bath once in a while. Go for a walk out in nature all by yourself so you can better attune to the earth’s energies. Do those things you enjoy doing. Make time for yourself. That’s not being selfish. It’s called being WISE.  You are a very generous soul, and as such, you’re constantly giving, but by so doing you’re allowing others to drain you. Find something to do to replenish your energy levels.”

Once I posted that comment, Rosemarie took my comment and reposted it as a new post. This is what she said to preface her next post:

“I had to repost this from my friend Nefer, her words struck a cord and I hope by sharing, other moms out there can feel lighter as I do.”

Why do us moms feel guilty for needing (note, I say NEED, not want,

Mom post 1-8-16 Rosemarie & her boys

Rosemarie & her 2 lovely boys.

which are two completely different things) some time to ourselves in order to replenish our batteries? Why must it be viewed as a “bad thing” when a mom needs to put more effort into herself for a brief time? Most of all, why does anyone think this is a selfish attitude to have?

Yes, it will take a bit of time away from your kids/husband/pets/house/work/career, but think of it this way. That little special treatment you give yourself will help you to feel more YOU. It will help you to feel better, stronger, and more capable of dealing with your everyday responsibilities. Doing little things for yourself will help you to be more present when others need you.

Many of you are probably saying, “but, Nefer, there aren’t enough hours in the day! By the time I’m done doing everything I need to do it’s time to go to bed.”

I hear you. That’s how my life USED to be in the past, but not anymore (on most days). I have a trick and I share it with you.

Make a list of the things you enjoy doing that do not require much time. Here are some examples listed in ever-increasing amounts of time required to get them done:

  • share a drop of essential oil with both wrists & slowly inhale
  • light a scented candle or incense and slowly breathe in its scent
  • drink a cup of coffee/glass of wine/soda
  • play a game on your phone (be sure not to get too tied up in it)
  • open a window (or better yet, go outside) & listen to the sounds of Nature for a few minutes (perhaps after putting essential oil on your wrists & as you stand outside drink that cup of coffee/glass of wine/soda – multi-tasking is something at which all moms learn to excel or we lose our minds)
  • play with your pets for 10 – 15 minutes
  • listen to uplifting music for 10 – 15 minutes
  • time yourself and read a book for 15 minutes
  • watch 15 – 20 minutes of a favorite show off your DVR
  • take a 30-minute UNINTERRUPTED bubble bath
  • take a walk alone in nature (30 – 60 minutes, depending on travel time)

You see? Just off the top of my head, based on things I enjoy doing I am able to come up with a list of 11 activities. Do the same for yourself.

The trick to fitting these activities into your life is this:  do only one activity a day, but be sure to not allow a day to pass before you have done one of these activities, even if you only have time to do it just before bed. Also, be sure no one will interrupt you. Inform your family, “I am doing this for me. I will be busy for x-amount of minutes. Please do not interrupt me unless your pants are on fire.”

Believe me, this works! Now, with very young children they don’t understand what Time is yet, so in cases that involve little kids I recommend timing activities that require more time while they are napping or be sure another adult is supervising and can prevent the little ones from interrupting your VERY IMPORTANT “me time.”

Once you begin to practice fitting in at least 10 – 15 minutes a day of precious “me time” you will discover that you feel better. You’re more yourself, in touch with your center, and therefore you are more equipped to focus on others and be the best Mom that you can be.

Remember, there is NOTHING wrong with pampering yourself a tiny bit each day. In fact, I strongly believe it is required in order for a mom to feel happy and fulfilled with herself, instead of constantly living her life through her children, spouse, & pets. When you are there for yourself just a few minutes everyday that equips you to be there for everyone & everything else the remainder of the day.

Be kind to yourself. Your family will thank you.


~ Nefer

Spells/Enchantments, Readings & Visionary Art

Egyptian Lenormand signed & activated copies


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2016 is a 9 Year: Get Ready!

2016 is a 9 YearHow can 2016 be a 9 Year, and what does that mean? Simple.      2 + 0 + 1 + 6 = 9.

In Numerology multiple-digit numbers are added together to arrive at a single digit from 1 to 9, unless it’s a master number, but that’s a different story & beyond the scope of this blog post. Each number has certain associated characteristics. Your name adds up to a number. Every letter has a numeric equivalent and there are sites on Numerology that will teach you how to add up the numbers in your name to come up with your name or fate number. You can also add the numbers in your date of birth to come up with your birth number, which will showcase your personality much like a zodiac sun sign.

In Numerology the number 9 represents completion and wrapping things up. It’s also the number of the altruist or humanitarian. It is also a number of spirituality. As such, the personality traits the number 9 lends to 2016 are as follows:

  • Altruistic ~ going out of your way to help others with no concern about being paid back
  • Humanitarian ~ extending understanding, compassion & kindness to everyone
  • Discovering one’s life purpose or soul mission
  • Spiritual development and the discovery of new spiritual gifts
  • Forgiveness
  • Letting go

The energies of 2016 will center around these core concepts. It’s time for everyone to commit to bettering themselves so that by 2017, which will be a 1 Year (2 + 0 + 1 + 7 = 10 = 1 + 0 = 1), we all will be ready to grasp all the new blessings that will be entering our lives at that time.

2016 is the year of altruism. Charity work will be important; and for many, it will be important for the first time. You may feel driven to help out more, to donate your money, your time, and your energy to worthwhile causes. Just remember, charity begins at home. Look to your loved ones and friends first, then expand outward from there.

2016 is the year of the humanitarian, which is that rare breed of individual who has love and compassion for everyone. Think Mother Theresa and the Dali Lama as fine examples of the humanitarian. It’s normal to get angry and to feel hurt and resentment, but try to put yourself in their shoes and realize they’re human just like you. Us little humans make mistakes. Understand that, send out compassion, and move on.

2016 has very powerful energies associated with it that can help a person discover their true life or soul purpose. If you’re wondering what it is you are truly meant to do in your life, open yourself up to your angels and your spirit guides. Ask them for clues and signs and specify to them those clues and signs need to be obvious and easy for you to understand. Many angels and spirit guides can be very obtuse in how they deliver messages!

2016 will be THE year to focus on your own spiritual development. If there are spiritual topics in which you are interested, but know little about, 2016 is THE year to study up on them. Focus on strengthening your existing gifts and expand into exploring new or developing gifts. Buy some new books to expand your horizons, or take a course or two, or fifteen :)

2016 is the time to offer forgiveness. Look to your past. Any old hurts or emotional wounds can be healed during 2016 if you put the energies of understanding and compassion to good use.

2016 is the year of letting go of the past, and releasing. Focus on sending healing energy back in time to heal old hurts and emotional wounds. Don’t dwell on the past. The past only drags us down and no one ever accomplished anything useful by being overly focused on the past. It’s time to let go and look forward.

2016 should be a banner year for many of us as long as we focus on making the best use of the energies that are now available to us. Go out and make 2016 the BEST year EVER!

If you would like a copy of my free 2016 Workbook to help you to lay 2015 to rest and open yourself up to the new possibilities 2016 has to offer, please email me at the link below to join my mailing list. I tend to send a newsletter out approximately once a month so I won’t flood your inbox.

Happy New Year & Beyond!

~ Nefer Khepri, PhD., R. M-T.

Spells/Enchantments, Readings & Visionary Art

Egyptian Lenormand signed & activated copies



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Deck Review: Mythical Creatures Oracle

The Mythical Creatures Oracle

Box cover. Box measures 6 x 9 x 1 1/2″ with hinged magnetic closure. Box can be stored standing on its end like a book.

The Mythical Creatures Oracle will have great appeal to lovers of mythology and oracle deck collectors alike. This deck is the unique creation of Sky Cybele. Viewed through the lens of cultural anthropology, Sky Cybele opens the guidebook with a brief discussion of the relevance of myths to cultures over time and how the mythical animals embody universal archetypes. Presented in stories that we can all relate to, the mythical animals are actually real energies we run across in our daily lives.

Each creature included in The Mythical Creatures Oracle represents an archetype with its own body of meaning, the interpretations of which are offered in the accompanying 160 page guide book. Sky Cybele interpreted the meanings of each creature’s archetype based upon “the content of the legends about them, the roles that they played in their belief systems, and the creatures’ purported behavior.” She also relied upon her own intuition to further flesh out the meaning of each creature and the manner in which their archetype applies to our lives today.

Rainbow Serpent, from The Mythological Creatures Oracle (C) Sky Cybele/Schiffer Books 2015

Although they do not physically exist within our reality, with so much emphasis being placed upon these creatures and their related stories over the millennia they have become thought forms, which means that they exist as actual creatures on the astral plane. They have real energy associated with them into which we can all tap through the use of The Mythical Creatures Oracle. Each mythological creature included in The Mythical Creatures Oracle represents that creature’s energy, the associated archetype, and can also represent particular types of people. All of these associations help the deck to lend itself well to modern-day oracular use. Since every creature represents an archetype The Mythical Creatures Oracle is a very useful divinatory tool. I have been using it with great frequency and have found the readings the deck offers me to be insightful, helpful, and also thought provoking. I have rarely encountered this outside the realm of Tarot & personally I have been very impressed with how well this deck works for me.

The guidebook to The Mythical Creatures Oracle is organized into four chapters before going into the stories and meanings of each of the cards. The guidebook begins with an introduction that focused on the importance of mythology and the relevance of these creatures as archetypes in today’s world. Since the cards can symbolize people, Chapter 1 focuses on learning the identity of your mythological totem animal. Chapter 2 consists of meditations that readers can do for self-empowerment while using the cards as focal points. Chapter 3 centers around the shadow side of the archetypes with the cards being used in order to gain better control over one’s shadow self or aspects of an archetype the reader may feel is holding them back. Chapter 4 focuses on how to use The Mythical Creatures Oracle for readings by providing a variety of questions one can ask and concludes with a 4 and 8-card spread. The remainder of the guidebook, Chapter 5, presents each card in detail. There is a full size black and white image of the card on the left-hand page, along with a list of keywords and the creature’s mythological background. On the facing right-hand page information is presented regarding the card meaning, which also includes an interpretation for inverted or reversed cards.

The cards measure 4 x 3” so they are a nice size if you would like to

Jackalope from The Mythical Creatures Oracle (C) Sky Cybele & Schiffer Books 2015

combine them into much larger spreads. Card titles are based upon the type of creature depicted; such as, Centaur, Goblin, Fairy, Cyclops, Manticore, Naga, Phoenix, Werewolf, Unicorn, Satyr, and Mermecolion. A few of the creatures are well known from mythology and ancient religions so their names serve as the card title; such as, Pegasus, Kamadhenu, Ammut, Garuda, and Cerberus. Mythologies from around the world and throughout recorded history are included. Colors consist of earthtones, mainly browns and grays with nice splashes of pinks, blues, greens, yellows, oranges, and white. The Barometz receives my vote for one of the cutest cards ever created.

Personally, oracle decks and I do not get along. I resonate with Tarot and Lenormand so I rarely reach for an oracle deck, but The Mythical Creatures Oracle has quickly gained a special place in my heart. Firstly, it actually WORKS for me, which is amazing. My experience with most oracle decks is that they tend to beat around the bush and card descriptions are so wordy that if you don’t have the deck memorized you can spend a good amount of time reading the card descriptions in your attempt to glean some oracular guidance. That is not true of this deck.


Manticore, from The Mythical Creatures Oracle (C) Sky Cybele & Schiffer Books 2015

What I like the most about The Mythical Creatures Oracle is that Cybele Sky’s card interpretations begin immediately with a short 3-line paragraph of keywords located at the top of the page. If you’re in a hurry and just need the gist of what the cards have to say to you then you can simply skim the keywords and move on to the next card. I really appreciate that. The keywords are followed by a 2-paragraph description or synopsis of the creature’s myth. The facing page begins with a lengthier 3-4 paragraph card description that concludes with a short paragraph for reversed meanings, which Cybele Sky refers to as inverted. The guidebook is well written and you don’t have to spend time reading through a great deal of wordiness to glean the meaning of the card.

The type of readings I receive with The Mythical Creatures Oracle are much like Lenormand readings. The readings are clear, concise, to the point, and very insightful. I really enjoy using this deck. This is one oracle with which I resonate very well.

 The Mythical Creatures Oracle has quickly become one of my “go-to” decks when I need an answer in a hurry. If you enjoy mythology as I do, this deck will make a fine addition to your collection.

Wishing you many blessings!

Nefer Khepri, PhD, R. M-T.

Spells/Enchantments, Readings & Visionary Art

Egyptian Lenormand signed & activated copies


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How to Contact Your Spirit Guides: Some Initial Steps

Serapis Bey FINAL

Serapis Bey, Copyright Nefer Khepri, 2015. Spirit Guide Portraits $125 + s/h worldwide. Email me for details:

I receive at least 10 emails a week from people all over the world asking me if I have any additional tips on how to contact spirit guides. I have a page at my site that is very popular and I share my method there for free. It has worked for me & for many others as well. Here is some additional information that many of you may find useful if you’re feeling stuck or if results aren’t what you had hoped they would be.

Question # 1: “Do my guides speak my language?”

It’s okay to use your native language when speaking to your guides. They know all languages through all Time. Some guides are even extraterrestrial, but since it’s one spirit communicating with another, Spirit knows no language barriers so feel free to use your native language.

Question # 2: “Do I keep my eyes opened or closed?”

It does help to keep your eyes closed, only because you are doing a method of meditation when you attempt to contact your guides; however, some people find it useful to stare at a candle flame, which is actually the technique I used. You need to keep your eyes open for that, which I did, but once I found I was slipping toward a meditative state I would then close my eyes for the remainder of the session.

Question # 3: “Should I ask for spiritual protection?”

Most definitely – YES. I’d recommend you ask your angels or your god for protection, not  your guides. Guides are spirit. They do not protect. They advise only. Angels & higher beings are those who are capable of protecting people. I always call on Archangel Michael for all of  my sessions – whether I’m talking to my guides, giving someone a card reading or creating a piece of visionary art. All of those activities connect me to Spirit & whenever you attempt to connect to Spirit proper protection is essential. Protection keeps lower entities away who can come & pretend to be spirit guides when they are nothing of the sort.

Question # 4: “How long will it take before I see any results?”

It usually takes weeks, sometimes even months, for a person to see, hear or sense anything. It took me 3 months before I could sense any presences and after that about another 2 weeks before I developed the ability to hear my spirit guides.

Question # 5: “How do spirit guides communicate with the living?”

Guides often work with symbols so look at what you’re seeing. Determine if any symbols are present during your meditation session. Then write them down.  When you come out of your meditation attempt to determine what these symbols mean to you personally. If you have no idea, then google them like so:

“symbolic meaning of a car”

“symbolic meaning of waves”

“symbolic meaning of mountains”

and so on. You can find a LOT of really excellent sites on the interpretation of symbols & that should help in determining what the symbols mean.

Also, pay closer attention to your dreams and write them down in a journal immediately upon waking. Don’t wait thinking you’ll remember what you dreamed once you’ve had your morning coffee. We often forget as much as 96% of our dream content by the time we’ve made it to that first cup in the morning. Pay attention to any symbols you receive in dreams. First attempt to determine what they mean to you; and, if that doesn’t work then use Google.

Question # 6: “How can I be able to see my spirit guides?”

This occurs when you can see with your mind, with your “inner eye,” otherwise known as the Third Eye chakra, located just above the bridge of your nose in between your eyes. It may help you to obtain a quartz crystal & place it on your third eye to help charge your third eye with extra energy. That could help in your sessions.

Question # 7: “What do I need to do to my quartz crystal so it will help open & activate my Third Eye?”

quartz crystal copyTo prepare your crystal it needs to be cleansed & programmed. It’s very simple.

To cleanse: place it in a bowl of water into which you have dissolved some table salt. Set it out under the moonlight overnight. Full moon is best, but as long as the moon is visible this will work.

Next day, rinse it off. Place it in a fresh bowl of water, NO salt. Place it out under the sun from morning to sunset.

Your crystal is now cleansed & charged. Now it’s time to program it.

A quartz crystal – unlike other stones & crystals – can be charged for up to 3 purposes. You do this by touching the crystal to your third eye and state your intention for the program. For example:

“I charge this crystal to help open my inner sight so I can see my spirit guides.”

“I charge this crystal to open my inner hearing so I can hear my spirit guides speak to me.”

“I charge this crystal to help me to understand messages from my spirit guides.”

You probably get the idea. Other crystals you can use include lapis lazuli, flourtite (the darker blue, lavender & purple shades), sugilite, & amethyst. NOTE: if you use amethyst be careful when charging out under the sun. I leave amethyst out for only an hour because sunlight can cause it to fade.

Then use your crystal for every session. If you find your crystal starting to look cloudy, discolored, or it no longer feels “right” to you, repeat the cleansing & charging process & reprogram your crystal. Then it’s ready to be used again.

Keep in mind that spirit guides were once human just like you and I (unless you end up with extraterrestrial guides, which is not beyond the realm of possibility). They have quirks and some can be real personalities. Some are chatty while others may be quiet and reserved. Get to know your spirit guides as people, because they all were once people. You can forge very strong and life-lasting spiritual friendships this way. Your spirit guides will appreciate your efforts and reward you with a lifetime of accurate and helpful guidance.

Wishing you many blessings!

Nefer Khepri, PhD, R. M-T.

Author of The Egyptian Lenormand (Schiffer Books, 2015)

Spells/Enchantments, Readings & Visionary Art

Egyptian Lenormand signed & activated copies


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How to Attune Water for Spiritual Use or Consumption

Twin Falls, Maui, Hawaii © Nefer Khepri, 2011.

Twin Falls, Maui, Hawaii
© Nefer Khepri, 2011.

Water is very receptive to energy. It will easily absorb the energy of your mood and it can also absorb the thoughts you have as you drink it or take your bath or shower.

When you are drinking water or are bathing/swimming it would benefit you to think positive thoughts. The groundbreaking work of Masaru Emoto has proven that water can pick up on our emotions and even our thoughts.

Water can retain and hold energy. Water is, in fact, an excellent conductor of energy. Anyone can attune water to hold a certain type of energy. By energy “type” I mean your intention for the water. You can attune water for health, healing, love, prosperity, energy, harmony, peace, or any other intention that occurs to you.

The water needs to be pure so I recommend well water if you have it, natural spring water, or bottled spring water. I myself have to use bottled spring water.

The only other tools you need in order to attune your water are your mind and your hands. Here are the steps.

  • Have the water ready in front of you. Clear your mind.
  • Take several deep cleansing breathes in and out. Be sure your abdomen rises as you inhale as this will tell you that you are filling your lungs. As you exhale your abdomen should lower telling you that you have emptied your lungs of air. Do this at least 3 – 7 times.
  • Rub both your palms together. This activates the chakras located in your hands. Your palms are actually great conductors of natural energy.
  • As you rub your palms together imagine white light entering you through the top of your head, moving through your body and coming out through your palms and entering the water. This process will make your palms feel warm. While doing this pray to whomever you want to call upon for help in attuning your water. God, Jesus, Mary, Isis, angels, which ever form of higher power you wish.
  • When you feel ready, if the water is in a glass or bottle hold it between your palms. If it’s in a bowl hold both hands palms down over the bowl. Hands do not need to come into direct contact with water.
  • Visualize the warmth of your palms going through the bottle or glass into the water.

Water crystals are VERY sensitive to energy. Say or think words like LOVE, HEALTH, HEALING, JOY, HAPPINESS to the water. The water crystals react in a positive manner to positive words & thoughts. Send Love into the water with your thoughts. Feel love in your heart & send it into the water.

Do that for 30 – 60 seconds. Do nothing but send positive feelings/thoughts into the water.

After that, if you have a particular purpose you’d like the water to have (say, to help heal a health issue or to bring prosperity, for 2 examples) focus on that intention and again, rub your palms together to activate your hand chakras as you focus on your intention. Then send your intention into the water by holding it between your palms.

Send the intention for 30 seconds.

Thank whatever energies you’ve called upon.

That’s it. Your water is attuned and is ready for consumption or ritual use.

Wishing you many blessings!

Nefer Khepri, PhD, R. M-T.

Author of The Egyptian Lenormand (Schiffer Books, 2015)

Spells/Enchantments, Readings & Visionary Art

Egyptian Lenormand signed & activated copies


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