How to Contact Your Spirit Guides: Some Initial Steps

Serapis Bey FINAL

Serapis Bey, Copyright Nefer Khepri, 2015. Spirit Guide Portraits $125 + s/h worldwide. Email me for details:

I receive at least 10 emails a week from people all over the world asking me if I have any additional tips on how to contact spirit guides. I have a page at my site that is very popular and I share my method there for free. It has worked for me & for many others as well. Here is some additional information that many of you may find useful if you’re feeling stuck or if results aren’t what you had hoped they would be.

Question # 1: “Do my guides speak my language?”

It’s okay to use your native language when speaking to your guides. They know all languages through all Time. Some guides are even extraterrestrial, but since it’s one spirit communicating with another, Spirit knows no language barriers so feel free to use your native language.

Question # 2: “Do I keep my eyes opened or closed?”

It does help to keep your eyes closed, only because you are doing a method of meditation when you attempt to contact your guides; however, some people find it useful to stare at a candle flame, which is actually the technique I used. You need to keep your eyes open for that, which I did, but once I found I was slipping toward a meditative state I would then close my eyes for the remainder of the session.

Question # 3: “Should I ask for spiritual protection?”

Most definitely – YES. I’d recommend you ask your angels or your god for protection, not  your guides. Guides are spirit. They do not protect. They advise only. Angels & higher beings are those who are capable of protecting people. I always call on Archangel Michael for all of  my sessions – whether I’m talking to my guides, giving someone a card reading or creating a piece of visionary art. All of those activities connect me to Spirit & whenever you attempt to connect to Spirit proper protection is essential. Protection keeps lower entities away who can come & pretend to be spirit guides when they are nothing of the sort.

Question # 4: “How long will it take before I see any results?”

It usually takes weeks, sometimes even months, for a person to see, hear or sense anything. It took me 3 months before I could sense any presences and after that about another 2 weeks before I developed the ability to hear my spirit guides.

Question # 5: “How do spirit guides communicate with the living?”

Guides often work with symbols so look at what you’re seeing. Determine if any symbols are present during your meditation session. Then write them down.  When you come out of your meditation attempt to determine what these symbols mean to you personally. If you have no idea, then google them like so:

“symbolic meaning of a car”

“symbolic meaning of waves”

“symbolic meaning of mountains”

and so on. You can find a LOT of really excellent sites on the interpretation of symbols & that should help in determining what the symbols mean.

Also, pay closer attention to your dreams and write them down in a journal immediately upon waking. Don’t wait thinking you’ll remember what you dreamed once you’ve had your morning coffee. We often forget as much as 96% of our dream content by the time we’ve made it to that first cup in the morning. Pay attention to any symbols you receive in dreams. First attempt to determine what they mean to you; and, if that doesn’t work then use Google.

Question # 6: “How can I be able to see my spirit guides?”

This occurs when you can see with your mind, with your “inner eye,” otherwise known as the Third Eye chakra, located just above the bridge of your nose in between your eyes. It may help you to obtain a quartz crystal & place it on your third eye to help charge your third eye with extra energy. That could help in your sessions.

Question # 7: “What do I need to do to my quartz crystal so it will help open & activate my Third Eye?”

quartz crystal copyTo prepare your crystal it needs to be cleansed & programmed. It’s very simple.

To cleanse: place it in a bowl of water into which you have dissolved some table salt. Set it out under the moonlight overnight. Full moon is best, but as long as the moon is visible this will work.

Next day, rinse it off. Place it in a fresh bowl of water, NO salt. Place it out under the sun from morning to sunset.

Your crystal is now cleansed & charged. Now it’s time to program it.

A quartz crystal – unlike other stones & crystals – can be charged for up to 3 purposes. You do this by touching the crystal to your third eye and state your intention for the program. For example:

“I charge this crystal to help open my inner sight so I can see my spirit guides.”

“I charge this crystal to open my inner hearing so I can hear my spirit guides speak to me.”

“I charge this crystal to help me to understand messages from my spirit guides.”

You probably get the idea. Other crystals you can use include lapis lazuli, flourtite (the darker blue, lavender & purple shades), sugilite, & amethyst. NOTE: if you use amethyst be careful when charging out under the sun. I leave amethyst out for only an hour because sunlight can cause it to fade.

Then use your crystal for every session. If you find your crystal starting to look cloudy, discolored, or it no longer feels “right” to you, repeat the cleansing & charging process & reprogram your crystal. Then it’s ready to be used again.

Keep in mind that spirit guides were once human just like you and I (unless you end up with extraterrestrial guides, which is not beyond the realm of possibility). They have quirks and some can be real personalities. Some are chatty while others may be quiet and reserved. Get to know your spirit guides as people, because they all were once people. You can forge very strong and life-lasting spiritual friendships this way. Your spirit guides will appreciate your efforts and reward you with a lifetime of accurate and helpful guidance.

Wishing you many blessings!

Nefer Khepri, PhD, R. M-T.

Author of The Egyptian Lenormand (Schiffer Books, 2015)

Spells/Enchantments, Readings & Visionary Art

Egyptian Lenormand signed & activated copies


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How to Attune Water for Spiritual Use or Consumption

Twin Falls, Maui, Hawaii © Nefer Khepri, 2011.

Twin Falls, Maui, Hawaii
© Nefer Khepri, 2011.

Water is very receptive to energy. It will easily absorb the energy of your mood and it can also absorb the thoughts you have as you drink it or take your bath or shower.

When you are drinking water or are bathing/swimming it would benefit you to think positive thoughts. The groundbreaking work of Masaru Emoto has proven that water can pick up on our emotions and even our thoughts.

Water can retain and hold energy. Water is, in fact, an excellent conductor of energy. Anyone can attune water to hold a certain type of energy. By energy “type” I mean your intention for the water. You can attune water for health, healing, love, prosperity, energy, harmony, peace, or any other intention that occurs to you.

The water needs to be pure so I recommend well water if you have it, natural spring water, or bottled spring water. I myself have to use bottled spring water.

The only other tools you need in order to attune your water are your mind and your hands. Here are the steps.

  • Have the water ready in front of you. Clear your mind.
  • Take several deep cleansing breathes in and out. Be sure your abdomen rises as you inhale as this will tell you that you are filling your lungs. As you exhale your abdomen should lower telling you that you have emptied your lungs of air. Do this at least 3 – 7 times.
  • Rub both your palms together. This activates the chakras located in your hands. Your palms are actually great conductors of natural energy.
  • As you rub your palms together imagine white light entering you through the top of your head, moving through your body and coming out through your palms and entering the water. This process will make your palms feel warm. While doing this pray to whomever you want to call upon for help in attuning your water. God, Jesus, Mary, Isis, angels, which ever form of higher power you wish.
  • When you feel ready, if the water is in a glass or bottle hold it between your palms. If it’s in a bowl hold both hands palms down over the bowl. Hands do not need to come into direct contact with water.
  • Visualize the warmth of your palms going through the bottle or glass into the water.

Water crystals are VERY sensitive to energy. Say or think words like LOVE, HEALTH, HEALING, JOY, HAPPINESS to the water. The water crystals react in a positive manner to positive words & thoughts. Send Love into the water with your thoughts. Feel love in your heart & send it into the water.

Do that for 30 – 60 seconds. Do nothing but send positive feelings/thoughts into the water.

After that, if you have a particular purpose you’d like the water to have (say, to help heal a health issue or to bring prosperity, for 2 examples) focus on that intention and again, rub your palms together to activate your hand chakras as you focus on your intention. Then send your intention into the water by holding it between your palms.

Send the intention for 30 seconds.

Thank whatever energies you’ve called upon.

That’s it. Your water is attuned and is ready for consumption or ritual use.

Wishing you many blessings!

Nefer Khepri, PhD, R. M-T.

Author of The Egyptian Lenormand (Schiffer Books, 2015)

Spells/Enchantments, Readings & Visionary Art

Egyptian Lenormand signed & activated copies


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Deck Review: The Tarot D (The Didactic Tarot)

Tarot D: The Didactic Tarot, by Jeffrey M. Donato (Schiffer Books 2015), is a feast Tarot D: The Didactic Tarotfor the eyes. Rendered in a very colorful comic-book style, every card bursts with color and vivid imagery. A great deal of action occurs on every card and I recommend that during a reading you examine the action carefully as that will add depth to your readings. Every card contains so many symbols that you will see something new for every reading. As you examine each card within a reading your eye will naturally rest on various symbols depicted on the card more so than on others. I find myself doing this often when I use The Voyager Tarot by James Wanless; and, I do the same when using The Tarot D.

The “D” in The Tarot D stands for didactic, as in something that instructs or teaches. Coincidentally or not, the creator’s last name is Donato, so you could say The Tarot D may also stand for The Tarot Donato. The overall style of the imagery reminds me of comic books that are rendered with a more artistic flair. Some comic books are very simplistic while others can be quite intricate. The Tarot D fits the latter classification. Colors are bold and bright with images outlined in a very fine black line. Borders are color coded for each suit and also contain symbols for the ruling planet, zodiac sign, suit with the numeric designation of the card appearing at the base of the image. All cards are only numbered. There are no titles printed on the cards so the reader is required to memorize the color corresponding to each suit and the major arcana.

The Tarot D, (C) Jeffrey Donato & Schiffer Books, 2015

The Tarot D, (C) Jeffrey Donato & Schiffer Books, 2015

Adding to all the good Tarot goodness that The Tarot D has to offer, every suit has two extra cards. The major arcana has four extra cards, and if that wasn’t enough for you, there is a fifth suit consisting of twelve cards. The Tarot D has a total of 24 extra cards making this a 102-card deck.

I recommend that you carefully examine the imagery of each suit. I quickly realized without first reading the book that the images of The Tarot D have a very strong narrative behind them. For example, the suit of Fire tells the story of cosmic creation. The imagery reminds me of shamanic visionary art. The two main characters that appear in the minor arcana in all suits (with the exception of the fifth suit of 12 cards) are the male and female creators of the universe. The deck is populated by numerous fantastical creatures with a few of them being recurring characters.

The Tarot D comes housed in the high quality sturdy 6 x ( x 1 ¼” hinge-lidded box for which Schiffer Books is known. The finish on the box, book cover and cards is matte so there isn’t much glare when looking at the cards under a bright light, which is nice since the cards are so highly detailed. I recommend the use of a magnifying glass to see the finer details of the imagery. At 5 ½ x 3 ¾” this is a good sized tarot deck, but it has a colored border and a thin black border that contributes ½” to each side of the card. The size of the actual image on the card measures 4 ½ x 2 7/8”.

The intricate imagery of The Tarot D is fascinating. Pay attention to the detail as this will add depth to your readings. The guidebook is written in narrative style with the card descriptions conveying the story of cosmic creation. The book on its own is a very interesting read and I think many deck collectors will find it interesting. I sure did. The Tarot D is not a deck for beginners only because it is so different from more traditional RWS-style tarot decks, but it would make a fine addition to any collector’s tarot library.

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The Celtic Cross Spread: Cutting to the Chase

The Celtic Cross Tarot Spread: Cutting to the Chase

Shannon MacLeod

Illustrations by Beth Seilonen

Schiffer Books

Paperback, 208 pages

$19.99 USD

The Celtic Cross Tarot Spread: Cutting to the ChaseHave you ever wondered what it would be like to have a book you could reference for every tarot card’s meaning in every position of the Celtic Cross where it may appear? For beginner Tarot readers such a book, I believe, would make learning Tarot much easier. For advanced readers such a book would help in presenting ideas on how to tak readings in a whole new direction.

Such a book exists! The Celtic Cross Tarot Spread: Cutting to the Chase, by Shannon MacLeod is a breakdown of every single Tarot and what it would mean in every position of the 10-card Celtic Cross Tarot spread. The Celtic Cross Tarot Spread: Cutting to the Chase begins with a typical introduction to Tarot cards with a section entitled “How To Use This Book,” in addition to sections on how to use the Celtic Cross, plus a one-card and three-card spread.

Starting with The Fool and traveling on through the entire78-card deck, each card is discussed in detail. Upright and reversed meanings are provided for one card at a time for every position within the Celtic Cross spread. The Celtic Cross Spread: Cutting to the Chase is charmingly llustrated by Tarot artist Beth Seilonen (the artist behind Tarot Leaves (Schiffer, 2011), Dream Raven Tarot and Bleu Cat Tarot (both Schiffer, 2013).

The image of each card is presented as a simple black and white line drawing that breaks each card down into its most elemental symbolic elements. The images make for a useful tool for people new to Tarot who may find many of the decks available today overly cluttered with symbolism. Beth Seilonen’s illustrations are simple, straight forward, and easy to understand, even for someone brand new to Tarot.

An example as to how the book is to be used is as follows. Let’s say you’re asking whether a business proposition you have been offered is a good idea. The outcome card to your Celtic Cross spread is the Chariot, reversed. Refering to The Celtic Cross Tarot Spread: Cutting to the Chase, you would turn to the section on the Chariot, which is on pages 38 – 40. The Chariot appears reversed in the outcome position of the Celtic Cross spread for your reading so you would turn to page 40, look for the meaning of Chariot, reversed under the heading of Card Position 10, and there you would find the following interpretation:

Without a major change in priorities, you are doomed to fail. Re-examine what it is you think you want to see if it is something you really need.

 That’s not the best outcome in the world, but at least you would have your answer. This is just an example to show you how simple it is to use this book.

The Celtic Cross Tarot Spread: Cutting to the Chase is a handy guide; however, I would like to conclude with a word of caution. When you read Tarot cards always rely first on your intuition. I teach my students to examine the image and to go within to discover what emotions the card image conjures up for them. Then attempt to interpret the card. Never rely on a book for all the card meanings. The Celtic Cross Spread: Cutting to the Chase is a helpful guide to anyone learning the Tarot or wishing to gain a more thorough understanding of the Celtic Cross spread, but our intuition is the most powerful tool we have at our disposal. Don’t be afraid to use it.

Wishing you many blessings!

Nefer Khepri, PhD, R. M-T.

Author of The Egyptian Lenormand (Schiffer Books, 2015)

Spells/Enchantments, Readings & Visionary Art

Egyptian Lenormand signed & activated copies

The Turtle Lenormand, self-published


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Will the Chicago Cubs FINALLY Achieve the Dream?



Last night I was having a coronary. After all the stress & crying over our poor dog, Sheila (who is recuperating NICELY!!! from having a nearly 9 lb tumor removed from her abdominal cavity) I was watching my Chicago Cubs. I am a die-hard life-long third-generation Cubs fan. I grew up in Waukegan, just one hour north of the Friendly Confines. I’ve been to numerous Cubs game including the Sandberg Game, as it came to be known.

It’s now 2015. I’m living in Houston, Texas  & the Astros are no longer in the National League so my family & I can no longer see the Cubs play in person. I pay for MLB Extra Innings on Direct TV every season so I can watch the games. I’ve only missed 15 games this entire season, mainly due to being out of town. 

We were in Colorado for 10 days & my family doesn’t have MLB Extra Innings, then we saw my in-laws for a weekend, & twice the DVR wasn’t getting a signal due to the 26 days of rain Houston received back in May. I started the season CONVINCED that THIS IS THE YEAR so I didn’t want to miss any games.

I kind of wish I had missed last night’s game.

The Cubs were ahead 8-0 by the third inning. My husband considered the game over & went upstairs to watch TV, but we all know what Yogi said. It ain’t over ’til it’s over. When it comes to baseball there are no guarantees because anything can happen. 

The Cubs’ relief pitching nearly threw it all away. That 5-run Cardinal 7th inning nearly gave me hives from the stress! The Cubs did end up winning 8-5, but in the process I had about 14 mini heart attacks!!! Who knew that watching a baseball game could be so stressful??? Despite that, I’ll be watching again tonight as the Cubs go for the SWEEP against the Cardinals & then it’s on to the next.

Here’s the candle I’m burning for them. It’s the 5th of the season. The intention is always

My Cubs cap along with signed baseballs from Ferguson Jenkins, Ryne Sandberg & my hero, Ernie Banks up front & center.

My Cubs cap along with signed baseballs from Ferguson Jenkins, Ryne Sandberg & my hero, Ernie Banks up front & center.

the same: in what may have been the words of Mr. Cub, Ernie Banks were he alive today:

“The Cubs will be supreme in 2015!”

I’ve never focused so much energy their way in all my life.  We have a very young team who isn’t mentally wrapped around weird stories of goat “curses” or black cats running across the field. They aren’t jaded (yet). I could really see it last night more than ever: scoring 17 runs in the past 2 games the Cubs are PLAYING FOR BROKE!!! There’s only ONE thing on their mind & it’s what’s been on my mind the entire season: they are going ALL THE WAY!!

Legend and Hall of Famer Ernie Banks and me.  2013. Reliant Stadium, Houston, TX.

Legend and Hall of Famer Ernie Banks and me. 2013. Reliant Stadium, Houston, TX.

We have a VERY special angel up there working on this, my hero – Ernie Banks – and if ANYONE can bring a World Series to Chicago it is Mr. Cub himself, whom I was honored to meet in 2013. He was the sweetest man. Everyone who actually knew him will tell you that. 

When we met him, Ernie spent all the time asking about me, Ariel & Stuart. We only paid for me to meet him, but he spoke with all of us asking us where are we from, have we been Cub fans for life? Our parents? What did they do for a living? And so on. He was very happy when I proudly told him Ariel is a fourth-generation Cubs fan and that I wouldn’t marry Stuart until he swore the ONLY baseball that would be on TV in our house would be the Cubs. He had to convert to being a Cubs fan in order to marry me. Most convert for religious reasons. Well, in my opinion, Stuart did as well! Ernie began talking about the importance of family & what a blessing it is to be a member of a Cubs family. He and I were in perfect agreement.

Meeting Ernie was one of the loveliest experiences of my life. At one point I told him that. He laughed & said, “Oh, no it’s not!” He was so unassuming. When he hugged me for this picture he told me that he’s had a great life & so much fun, but my story had to be the best he had ever heard (for that story, click here). He probably said that to everyone, but I believed him. He then got a sad look in his eye & said he’d be sorry to go because it’s been so much fun. I then told him at the time, and I can basically quote myself because it came from me heart:

“I know, Ernie, but look at it this way. You’ll be on the other side cheering the Cubs along & if ANYONE can bring the Cubs a World Series, it’s YOU!” He laughed & said, “Yep, I gotta have a serious talking to with the Lord because this has gone on long enough!” He shook his fist & head vehemently to add emphasis.

So Ernie, I hope you’ve been doing a LOT of talking!!! And, as always, from my very soul:

GO CUBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wishing you (and the Cubs) many blessings!

Nefer Khepri, PhD, R. M-T.

Author of The Egyptian Lenormand (Schiffer Books, 2015)

Spells/Enchantments, Readings & Visionary Art

Egyptian Lenormand signed & activated copies

The Turtle Lenormand, self-published


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Our Dog’s Health Crisis

It’s always a lovely thing when out of nowhere someone extends to you an unexpected kindness. It could be something small & easy to give, like a smile; or, something large like a scholarship for a spiritual course.

I have been the recipient of both over the past few days.

Friday I went to the grocery store for just a few things. As I stood there choosing some chicken a woman walked up beside me to do the same. She turned to me, caught my eye and simply smiled. I smiled back and at that point the light that shone from her eyes touched my soul and made me want to cry, but I kept smiling instead.

When I paid for my groceries the checker, who was male, smiled as well, asked how I was. When a stranger asks you how you are I never take it seriously. I assume they are merely attempting to be pleasant. I gave the standard, “I’m ok, hope you are too!” I smiled. He looked at me and said, “No, no you’re not. You’re very worried about someone you love.”

I stood there STUNNED.

I told him he must be psychic and he said no, that he just blurts things out. I said “that’s almost the same thing as being psychic, depending on what you’re saying at the time.” He then admitted to “just knowing things for no reason.” I told him THAT is what it is like to be psychic. I then told him about the latter half of my week to that point.

Sheila, about 3 months ago. Note how her hind leg protrudes. The tumor was so large she couldn't sit properly.

Sheila, about 3 months ago. Note how her hind leg protrudes. The tumor was so large she couldn’t sit properly.

Wednesday morning our family dog injured herself while playing outside. She’s 10 years old, but has the heart of a puppy. She’s extremely playful & doesn’t realize her body is a lot older than her heart. She came up lame & couldn’t put any weight on her right rear foot. So she saw the vet early, and praise the gods she got injured! If there was EVER a “happy” accident, this was it!

The vet thought her abdomen looked a bit distended since he had last seen her in early July when everyone assumed it was just “middle age spread” so nothing was done at that time. He diagnosed a torn ACL in her leg, but x-rayed her abdomen. In the x-ray a giant white mass showed up that he said was a “growth.” He did not want to use the “T-word,” – tumor, but I knew that’s what it was. Sheila was immediately scheduled for an ultrasound on Thursday.

Diagnosis: a spleen tumor that had eaten up nearly all her spleen so it no longer functioned. The tumor was so large it was pushing her spine upward, had pushed all her organs except for her heart out of place & the tumor had about 3 – 4 mm of growth before it would touch her heart & probably cause a massive coronary. It had to come out.

Friday, just before we took her to the vet for her operation.

Friday, just before we took her to the vet for her operation.

Stress was high at home anyway. My husband may be losing his job in November if he doesn’t make his quota at the bank & November will be his 1st anniversary working at that particular bank. Then this happened with Sheila.

We decided to do all we could for her despite not having the money. When a job is in danger you save, save, SAVE just in case you end up unemployed for a time. It was the right thing to do. Sheila has brought us much joy over the years & is a good & loving dog who is excellent at keeping an eye on our home. We owed her the best care possible.

Long story short, as I told the checker his eyes filled with compassion. He insisted Sheila would be fine, not to even worry, that she was in the hands of angels who would be assisting the vet. He pointed out what I believed: she had torn her ACL for a reason, so she could receive proper treatment before the tumor got so large that it killed her. As it was, according to the vet, that would have happened over Labor Day weekend & he’s convinced Sheila’s time was THAT short, so he had fit her into his schedule, moved appointments & performed her surgery on a day when the clinic does not do surgeries. He is a new vet there & this was only his second time seeing Sheila.

A word about Dr. Rockar. We met him by “mistake.” I use quotes around the word “mistake” because there are NO mistakes. Everything happens for a reason. My cat had her well visit with her regular vet whom we’ve been seeing for 2 years. I brought my cat in at the right time, but the wrong day. Her regular vet wasn’t there, but Dr. Rockar was & he told the receptionist if I didn’t mind waiting 30 minutes (they had a big emergency with one of their patients) he would see my cat. I figured if nothing else it would save us another trip the next day so we waited.

Dr. Rockar was so awesome with my cat I decided on the spot to switch vets. When it came to be Sheila’s turn for her well visit the next month she was also switched & saw Dr. Rockar. He was the one to perform the surgery. He saved Sheila’s life.

His care of Sheila all originated from a “mistake.”

As I shared all this with the checker he asked if I’d mind if he prayed for our dog. Mind? Me, mind?? So he, the bagger and I bowed our heads right there in a super busy grocery store & the checker said a little prayer. He prayed for Sheila & also for the entire family, that we have faith and be at peace. I shook his hand when I left and hope I see him at the store again sometime.

Sheila's nearly 9 pound abdominal tumor! That is a 2 liter bottle of Coke for size comparison!!

Sheila’s nearly 9 pound abdominal tumor! That is a 2 liter bottle of Coke for size comparison!!

At that same time Sheila was having surgery. I was informed that everyone at the clinic observed her operation. Dr. Rockar removed what ended up being a nearly 9 pound tumor from Sheila’s abdomen. Sheila is not a huge dog. I guess she’s what you’d call medium-sized. She’s an Australian Red Heeler & they weigh 35 – 40 lbs. Sheila had been weighed at 44 lbs the day before her operation. Nearly 9 pounds of that was the tumor so she’s nice and thin again and weighs 35 lbs, her perfect weight for her breed.

I kept posting about this to my Facebook timeline and I also had to start a GoFundMe account for her medical costs, which went up to just over $2,000 and will probably go a bit higher with the necessary post-op care she will require. My family and I are VERY appreciative of the donations that have come in so far. We didn’t have the money for this. Normally, we’d just put it on a credit card and pay it off when we could, but right now we’re avoiding accruing any debt due to Stuart’s job hanging in the balance. Last year was a very meager Christmas. We spent only on our daughter and we didn’t want to have the same for this year, so we were being very careful with our spending. I’m happy to report we are now nearly one-quarter of the way toward meeting our goal for Sheila’s fund.

Sheila back home from the vet & a very happy husband to have his beloved dog back home.

Sheila back home from the vet & a very happy husband to have his beloved dog back home.

Sheila experienced what everyone at the clinic is calling a “miracle.” The vet had told us Sheila would need extended post-op care that evening and probably most of Saturday in an ER animal clinic, which would run us “a few hundred dollars more.” When she woke up, however, she was doing so well and being so responsive that he felt confident about sending her home with us! So Sheila began her recuperation at home under our loving & watchful gaze. She had a very restful remainder of the day and night due to all the medications she had as a result of the surgery.

By Saturday afternoon Sheila’s bodily functions were back and that is always a major hurdle after a huge operation like that. Sheila’s incision is 13 1/2″ long and she has 18 staples. I don’t even know how many stitches she has. I would guess around 50 – 60. It will be a long recuperation time, but thanks to all the prayers and positive energy focused upon her by my lovely Facebook friends, Sheila is our little miracle. She is hobbling along as best she can on 3 legs since the torn ACL will not allow her to put weight on her right hind leg, but starting yesterday (Monday) she was back to wanting to chase the cat, who LOVES to be chased & will taunt the dog until Sheila runs after her. I’ve had to yell at both of them off and on all day yesterday. Both animals were very confused. They play “chase” every single day.

I thank everyone who has been praying for Sheila and I ask that you continue to please

Bluestar: "OMG! What the hell did they do to you?!"  Sheila (in a medicated fog): "Do I know you?"  They're actually best buddies.

Bluestar: “OMG! What the hell did they do to you?!”
Sheila (in a medicated fog): “Do I know you?”
They’re actually best buddies.

keep her in your prayers because she has a long road ahead of her, including a second operation to repair her torn ACL. I also ask you please keep Stuart in your prayers as well as his job situation, that he meets his quota every fiscal quarter with a minimum amount of stress. Stress levels at home had been very high since we returned from vacation. The day he went back to work Stuart was put on probation by his bank! What a thing to come home to, right? He hasn’t been eating or sleeping right, and there I am keeping positive and having to hold him up, remain positive for our daughter who is a Junior in high school & decided to turn on the gas and take all AP and Pre-AP courses for her 4 core courses this year & is feeling the strain of that already and we’re not even a month into the new school year. Plus she suffers from anxiety.

I am holding down the fort as best I can, but even I crater. Just because I’m psychic, read cards, am a professional artist, and have had a deck and book set published does not mean things in my life never go way off kilter. Things are off kilter now so I ask for your help with prayers and positive energy. I so much appreciate it. Meanwhile, if you can share this post so people see the GoFundMe link for Sheila, I would very much appreciate that as well. There are many worthier causes on GoFundMe. The Syrian refugees, is but one. Deputy Darren Goforth is another who was shot FIFTEEN times in the BACK as he filled his cruiser with gas at a north Houston gas station, which isn’t too far from where we live. He leaves behind a wife & children. I ask that you place more value on the funds for the Syrian Refugees and Deputy Goforth than on Sheila, but if you have a couple of dollars to spare once you’ve helped out with those funds, my family would surely appreciate your help. Her GoFundMe is at:

Never forget: no matter the cause – every little bit helps, & in our case is deeply appreciated.

Wishing you many blessings!

Nefer Khepri, PhD, R. M-T.

Author of The Egyptian Lenormand (Schiffer Books, 2015)

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Ghostly Visitors

Our house.

Our house.

When we purchased our house 12 years ago I was told by a psychic that it was a spiritual highway. She said many spirits would be seen, but not to worry as they were merely passing through and wouldn’t stay. She also stressed that our house was very well protected due to the energy I had around it.

Our house was brand new, built on virgin land (there had formerly been a pine forest here) & we were the first owners. I figured the psychic was wrong, but as my daughter grew older I found out how correct she had been.

My daughter was 4 when we moved from Corpus Christi, Texas to the Houston area. I never knew until she was around 12 that she regularly saw entities in her bedroom at all times of the day and night.

She began telling me about her experiences once she fully realized I had a strong interest in the paranormal. I never wanted to unduly influence my child so I never taught her to read tarot cards (I did try when she was 12, but she showed me she already knew so I handed her the deck & instructed her to have fun with it & she’s been reading tarot ever since), but I discuss angels with her and how important it is to call on them as our spiritual friends, especially in times of trouble. I also taught her about reincarnation, but nothing about the paranormal. She’s an only child and I didn’t want her to grow fearful of sleeping by herself in her room so I was always very careful as to what type of spiritual information I shared with her.

One day I was watching “Ghost Hunters” and she walked into the room and asked what it was about. Since I don’t find their show frightening at all I allowed her to watch it with me. Once it was over she began telling me about things she has seen in her room, which run the gambit. A few of the many examples are:

A lady in Victorian dress who walked in from my daughter’s bathroom, made eye contact

Victorian woman playing the piano. Image by Patrisyu. Image # 100265938 at

Victorian woman playing the piano. Image by Patrisyu. Image # 100265938 at

with her, then appeared to pick something up from the floor & place it in my daughter’s trash can. She then gave my child a reproachful look before walking toward and through the exterior wall of my daughter’s bedroom. I explained to my daughter that spirit was trying to encourage her to clean her room! My child is very messy so even the ghosts disapprove.

Another time she heard movement in her bathroom, which is attached to her bedroom and has a connecting door. She went in to take a look and saw a figure in a white hooded cloak with only two holes cut for eyes. She couldn’t see any eyes. The holes only showed blackness. She was 15 when this occurred and by then full of herself so she told it to go away and it did. I always told her if you see something you don’t like tell it to leave & tell it it has no right to be in YOUR house. She took my advice. Later when we were watching some movie about the South she exclaimed while pointing at a cloaked figure of the KKK, “Mom! That’s what I saw in my bathroom that one time! I’m glad I told it to leave!” Yeah, it’s NOT cool to have members of the KKK hanging out in your child’s bathroom.

Several times, but only at night with the lights off, upon going to bed she has seen small lights of blue, red, yellow, and green flitting around her room. We believe those to be fairies, but we can’t be sure.

A Strange Creature

The strangest incident occurred two years ago when my daughter was 14. She doesn’t read fairy tales and I’ve never read them to her, though she has seen the Disney movies. It’s possible she got this image from a movie, but I really don’t think so merely because her description was so highly detailed and it didn’t seem to match anything with which she was familiar at the time.

She was in her bathroom and thought she heard a noise. She looked through the doorway into her room and saw a strange creature touching some items she had out on her bed. The creature had its back to her so my daughter had plenty of time to get a really good look at it.

She described the creature as having hair all over it that resembled short dog fur, but not as thick. The creature’s color was a very dark brown like the color of tree bark. It had two small pointy ears on the top of its head with small tufts of fur protruding from them. There was a long tail. It stood on two legs and they looked like the legs of a horse and the creature’s feet were hooves.

The creature was wearing some sort of loose-fitting tunic that was also brownish in color and very close to the same color as the creature. Over its left shoulder it had a long leather strap to which a small leather pouch was attached that rested on the creature’s right hip. The pouch had a flap serving as a cover and appeared to be full of small items of various shapes. The creature also wore a belt and within the belt was tucked what looked like a small flute that rested against the back side of the pouch.

My daughter says she watched the creature for at least a good five minutes until she became stiff from standing so still. So she cleared her throat. The creature jumped, obviously startled. It spun around and saw my child at which point the creature looked completely frightened and disappeared right in front of her, but not before my daughter could see additional facial features and realize the creature was following the same path the Victorian woman had taken a few years prior to this incident as it started to run toward the exterior wall of her bedroom as it disappeared right in front of her. My daughter described its disappearing act as “an obvious cloaking device”.  Thank you, Gene Roddenberry and “Star Trek.”

She was able to see the creature face to face briefly. The creature’s face was hairless except for a small beard and it had the features of a man.

Photo & costume (C) Lindsey Burcar, 2012. image

Photo & costume (C) Lindsey Burcar, 2012. image Note that this satyr has a leather pouch much like the one my daughter saw.

I believe what she saw was a satyr, a supposedly mythological creature of the forest and one of the ways the god Pan is depicted in art. I have always believed them to be real, as well as elves and gnomes based upon an experience I had as a teenager, so why not satyrs? I searched the internet and found a picture and showed it to my daughter. She excitedly exclaimed it was exactly what she saw. Could it have been Pan Himself? I guess we’ll never know, but I’m glad my daughter saw it because she now knows what I have known since I was 14 and had a similar experience. Creatures of fairy tale aren’t so made-up and make-believe after all. Satyrs, elves and gnomes do exist, but they have been hidden from our sight just as most spirits also remain hidden as they walk the shadows between our world and the next.

Wishing you many blessings!

Nefer Khepri, PhD, R. M-T.

Author of The Egyptian Lenormand (Schiffer Books, 2015)

Spells/Enchantments, Readings & Visionary Art

Egyptian Lenormand signed & activated copies

The Turtle Lenormand, self-published


Text & House image copyright Nefer Khepri, 2015.

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