How to Choose a Tarot Deck.

If you do not currently own a Tarot deck, here’s my advice on how to purchase one. The main criteria is that the imagery of the deck appeals to you. You will be viewing that deck fairly often so you’re going to want to get a deck you find to be pleasing to your eye. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and these days there are hundreds of decks to choose from, so where do you start?

If you’re relatively new to Tarot I would recommend that you begin with a deck for which all the pips are fully illustrated with scenes. The pips are the minor arcana – the four suits (Wands, Cups, Swords & Pentacles) and their cards, Ace – King. Some decks only represent the pips numerically. For instance, the 2 of Cups will be just that, a picture of 2 cups. The 6 of Pentacles will be simply a picture of six pentacles, and so on. When the pips are fully illustrated the cards are depicted scenically.

The 3 of Cups from "The Illuminated Starlight Tarot," by Carol Herzer.

The 3 of Cups from “The Illuminated Starlight Tarot,” by Carol Herzer.

A good example of this is the 3 of Cups, here from The Rider Waite Smith (known as the RWS) deck. This one has been painted by artist Carol Herzer.  Here we have three woman holding their cups aloft as they celebrate something. The 3 of Cups represents having a reason to celebrate. It can also indicate having a good time with friends.  You see that idea depicted here through the symbols used for the card. This is what I mean by a fully illustrated pip card. For someone who is new to Tarot it is crucial your first few decks have fully illustrated pips. This will make the flow and narrative of your readings much easier to follow and comprehend.

There are many decks that contain fully illustrated pips. As a Tarot instructor, over the years I have recommended several decks to my students that are in various styles, but they have one thing in common. All the pips are illustrated.

Firstly, I would recommend any version of the Rider-Waite-Smith (RWS) Tarot. You can google the title and then click on “images” to view various styles of this deck.

My second suggestion is The Robin Wood Tarot.

The 3 of Wands, 4 of Swords & Knight of Cups from The Robin Wood Tarot.

The 3 of Wands, 4 of Swords & Knight of Cups from The Robin Wood Tarot.

Done in the RWS style, Robin Wood’s depiction of the pips, as well as the major arcana, is very straightforward and simple to understand. Many times while using this deck with clients they can glance down at the table and know immediately how the reading will turn out based upon the images on the cards, yet they know nothing of Tarot. I highly recommend The Robin Wood Tarot for beginners. Plus, it’s a lovely deck that has a pagan feel to it.

The 8 of Swords, 4 of Pentacles & 3 of Swords from The Hanson-Roberts Tarot.

The 8 of Swords, 4 of Pentacles & 3 of Swords from The Hanson-Roberts Tarot.

Another nice deck to start with, especially for those of you with smaller hands, is the Hanson-Roberts Tarot. These cards are playing-card size so they are easier to shuffle and larger readings will take up less room on your table. The artwork is done in colored pencil and is lovely and done in the RWS tradition.

If you like computer graphic art, I also recommend any Tarot deck by the artist

The 3 of Wands, 2 of Swords & 6 of Coins from The Tarot of Dreams by Ciro Marchetti.

The 3 of Wands, 2 of Swords & 6 of Coins from The Tarot of Dreams by Ciro Marchetti.

Ciro Marchetti. I own all his decks & must say he is among my all-time favorite Tarot artists. I especially like his Legacy of the Divine deck, as well as his Tarot of Dreams, which is my personal favorite.

Lisa Hunt is another Tarot artist I highly admire & find inspiring for my own artistic endeavors. She has a number of decks in print and you can search

The 2 of Cups, 4 of Pentacles & Page of Wands from The Celtic Dragon Tarot by Lisa Hunt.

The 2 of Cups, 4 of Pentacles & Page of Wands from The Celtic Dragon Tarot by Lisa Hunt.

her at Amazon to find a list there. My all-time favorite of hers is The Celtic Dragon Tarot, which I believe has just entered its 14th printing, if I’m not mistaken. This was the first non-RWS deck I purchased back in 1999 and I must say after using only the RWS for nearly 20 years, The Celtic Dragon Tarot introduced me to a whole new world of decks not strictly done in the RWS tradition. Lisa Hunt depicts each card with a dragon and lovely Celtic scenery all done in watercolor.

A good website to visit in order to see at least six images from every card deck is Aeclectic Tarot at They also include deck reviews and here you can make an informed decision as to which deck to purchase.  Purchase links are also included.

My main tips for choosing a Tarot deck are:

  • The pips should be fully illustrated scenes if you’re a beginner.
  • The artwork should be pleasing to your eye.
  • There are many themes of decks available now so choose a theme that interests you.

It can be daunting to sift your way through the hundreds of Tarot decks available these days. Take your time and I’m sure you will end up with the deck that is perfect for you.

Wishing You Many Blessings,

Nefer Khepri, PhD., R. M-T.

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The Egyptian Lenormand now available for pre-order at Schiffer Books and Amazon.

The Turtle Lenormand now available for pre-order.

My forthcoming Aloha Spirit of Maui Oracle deck.

Lenormand Thirty Six Cards: Fortune Telling with the Petit Lenormand

Lenormand Thirty Six Cards: Fortune Telling with the Petit Lenormand.

Andy Boroveshengra

Self-published 2014

Kindle $8.99/paperback $13.36

available on Amazon

The version I review here is the PDF e-book. I have not seen the paperback edition.

Lenormand 36 Cards book coverLenormand Thirty Six Cards is written in a clear and easy to understand style. It is obvious when you read the text that Andy Boroveshengra is a seasoned teacher of Lenormand. He maintains a balance of addressing readers who are brand new to Lenormand with more experienced readers as he shares his methods of reading the cards. Exercises are included throughout and I encourage you if you’re serious about learning how to read Lenormand cards that you do every exercise. They will help tremendously. People new to Lenormand will find his book to be fairly easy to follow while those who already work with Lenormand cards will no doubt learn a few things as I have.

The PDF has 142 pages and there are full color illustrations of the cards throughout for easy reference. Cards used are the 1880 Dondorf. What I particularly appreciated about the illustrations is the use of red arrows and lines superimposed on the cards for the section on how to read the Grand Tableau, which uses all 36 cards. This will be most helpful to those new to Lenormand and will most likely aid in clearing up some confusion for those who have already discovered Lenormand.

These days increasing numbers of books about Lenormand card reading are being produced and you may well wonder what makes this one any different from the rest out on the market.

Firstly, Andy Boroveshengra is highly qualified as a Lenormand reader and scholar. I have seen him repeatedly exhibit a very impressive knowledge of original Lenormand sources that he has mentioned on his blog as well as on social media. He bases his knowledge on original sources and this comes through in his writing as well.

Secondly, Andy Boroveshengra learned Lenormand from his Aunt Elise. She was illiterate and he has no information on who would have taught her. Andy was also taught Lenormand reading methods by a French woman named Euphemie Al Ansari. His grandmother and mother practice palmistry, which they both have taught to the author as well; and, Andy’s mother also reads playing card tableau as did her mother before her. Andy uses a number of her reading techniques and through his own work he is passing along his family’s knowledge. The author’s substantial background in the field contributes to the reliability of  Lenormand Thirty Six Cards as an accurate source of information. The author adheres to traditional card meanings and includes tried and true methods of interpretation.

Lenormand Thirty Six Cards begins with a discussion of the meaning of each card. The card title, playing card association, and keywords open the discussion of each card’s meanings. In addition to the main meaning of each card additional meanings are provided and the author often discusses how the meaning can vary based upon adjacent cards. Health meanings are also included for each card.

The next section deals with “Card Themes,” which is akin to card meanings, but here the focus is on areas of life that are represented by the cards. This chapter is organized according to theme. Themes include: Communications, Love, Family & Home, Happiness, Work, Finances, Warnings, Sickness, Trouble, & Animals. The following section breaks the cards down into Positive – Neutral – Negative classifications. This is most useful so that when a new reader lays the cards they can scan their reading quickly to get the overall feeling of their reading.

Lenormand Thirty Six Cards continues on with a discussion of the people cards. The obvious people cards are the Man and Woman cards, but other cards; such as, Snake, have court card playing associations so they are also included in the discussion of people cards, but Andy Boroveshengra points out he does not include the Jacks as people except for the Jack of Spades that is on the Child card. His emphasis is on those cards that are associated with the queens and kings of the court cards.

Next, the type of card combinations are discussed. Here readers are briefly introduced to the idea of “near and far” in a reading that Andy Boroveshengra goes into in much greater depth in a subsequent chapter. He then takes the reader through a simple 5-card reading and the combinations found therein. Card order is of crucial importance when interpreting Lenormand cards and the author provides a good number of examples and proves that for Lenormand A + B does not equal B + A. Card order changes the meaning of the cards. Additional methods summarized include Counting, Mirroring, Knighting & thematic Chaining.

The next section is all about Spreads and opens with a lengthy discussion of the Grand Tableau. Here, Andy Boroveshengra breaks the Grand Tableau down into manageable sections. Although at first glance the amount of information he provides appears to be a bit daunting, it really isn’t as long as the reader does not rush and takes time to absorb the methods discussed for each section of the Grand Tableau. A thorough analysis is provided of a sample reading for which the image of the spread is repeated throughout this section so the reader does not have to look back and forth between the text and the image. If one were to remove the illustrations this section would not appear to be nearly as lengthy as it does so don’t let this dissuade you from further reading.

Once the discussion of the Grand Tableau is concluded other spreads discussed are linear spreads consisting of 3, 5 and 9 cards with information on yes/no readings. A discussion of the 9-card 3×3 spread concludes this section and includes two examples along with color illustrations of each spread.

The main body of text ends on page 125, but Andy Boroveshengra also included appendices.

Appendix I covers the life of Mlle. Marie-Anne Adelaide Le Normand that concludes with a list of resources for further reading.

Appendix II covers the meaning when multiples of Lenormand cards with the same playing card association appear in the same reading.

Appendix III summarizes timing indications of particular cards.

Appendix IV is very valuable as it contains information about the author’s health combinations. Andy Boroveshengra gained knowledge of card combinations pertaining to health by doing readings for health professionals when he was a member of the NHS.  Although untraditional, I have repeatedly discovered that his health combinations hold true for my readings as well.

Appendix V contains a list of decks recommended by the author.

Appendix VI lists online resources.

Appendix VII is a translation of the “Philippe” Lenormand instructions for reading Lenormand cards. Appendix VII concludes the text.

If you purchase Lenormand Thirty Six Cards and no other book you will be well-informed on how to interpret Lenormand cards and how to use the most popular spreads. Much of this information has been posted on Andy’s blog over the last few years. Prior to all these books currently available, for several years Andy’s blog was my only source of information when I was learning how to read Lenormand cards. I did just fine with his material as my only source. Lenormand Thirty Six Cards makes for an outstanding addition to anyone’s book collection who is truly interested in learning how to read Lenormand cards. I cannot recommend this book highly enough.

Wishing  you all many blessings,

Nefer Khepri, PhD., R. M-T.

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The Egyptian Lenormand now available for pre-order at Schiffer Books and Amazon.

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How To Use Reiki Healing Codes

"Healing & Protective Rays of the Sun," by Nefer Khepri (C) 2013. This serves as the card back to my "Egyptian Lenormand" deck.

“Healing & Protective Rays of the Sun,” by Nefer Khepri (C) 2013. Infused with Reiki energy, as are all the images, this serves as the card back to my “Egyptian Lenormand” deck.

I’d like to thank my friend, Hazel Cameron Warren for sharing the following link and information with me and members of my Facebook group, Magickal Musings.

Hazel shared a link to a blog that I am now sharing here with all of you. For those of you who may not be aware, Reiki is a form of universal healing energy. In order to channel Reiki energy for others you need to undergo a process called an “attunement” during which the Reiki symbols are placed within your chakras, thus giving you the ability to also channel Reiki energy. There are four degrees: First, Second, Third (known as the Master Degree) and Fourth (known as the Master Teacher). I have been a Reiki Master Teacher since 1999.

The blog post shares a list and information of how to use numeric healing codes that have angelic and Reiki healing energy encoded into them. These are numeric sequences that have been channeled as being helpful for specific ailments and problems. Archangel Raphael and Holy Mother Mary are responsible for this system, according to the blog article by the Reiki Doc, as she calls herself.

I’ll share my personal experience with the Reiki codes and then the link so you can check this out for yourselves. Also, do you NOT have to be attuned to Reiki in order for the codes to work. The article states that. I cannot provide personal information about this since both my husband and daughter have undergone the attunement process.

The day I read the blog post I was suffering from cramping and tightness in my left hip muscle that extended down into my left thigh. It was fairly painful to sit, to walk, to get up, to sit down, just everything. Then I read the blog article and wrote down 3 codes: one for general pain, one for the hips and one for muscles, I believe.

The codes consist of 3 or more numbers separated by a space. Each number within a code can consist of a single digit, 2 or 3 digits or even more. The codes I used all began with a 2-digit number and also contained two 3-digit numbers. The blog post states that it is very important for the spacing between numbers of each code to be maintained when you write them down, so I repeat that here.

I used the following codes:

  • 23 31 443 – for chronic pain since I’ve had this issue a number of times
  • 13 81 478 – for stiff muscles
  • 26 51 329 – for Degenerative Joint Disease – just in case

I wrote the numbers on a slip of a Post-It-Note – the part that has the adhesive on it, then I stuck it down in my clothing against my hip where it basically begins to connect to my leg.

I did not even begin to channel the Reiki energy when I suddenly felt a great deal of heat in that spot. My first thought was, “ok, paper is insulating so that’s the heat I’m feeling,” but I was wrong because the heat quickly spread in the span of about a minute to encompass my entire hip, my thigh, and my lower back! One tiny slip of paper is not going to accomplish THAT much insulation. I was immediately impressed.

I decided not to consciously channel any Reiki and see what happened. In about 30 minutes the pain that had been with me for 2 whole days was suddenly completely gone. I had regained my flexibility and could move about freely.

I also suffer from a high pitch ring or whine in my left ear upon occasion. There is a code for that as well, so I wrote it on a new Post-It-Note and stuck that little strip of paper up against my head just behind my ear where the arm of my glasses rests. So the arm held the paper in place. I went about my business while my ear continued to be a nuisance. I was surprised about 30 minutes later when I suddenly noticed how quiet the house was. I then realized my ear was no longer ringing, but I have no idea exactly when the ringing stopped so I can’t report on how quickly that particular code worked for me. Again, I did not use Reiki for my ear, either. I wanted to see what the code could accomplish on its own.

I won’t pretend to understand these codes. I certainly do not. To be honest, I see no rhyme or reason in them; however, I can tell you one important thing. THEY WORK.

Give them a try and let me know how they work for you. Here’s hoping they help to bring each of you comfort and the type of healing you seek.

The blog article is at:


Nefer Khepri, PhD., R. M-T.

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The Egyptian Lenormand now available for pre-order at Schiffer Books and Amazon.

The Turtle Lenormand now available for pre-order.

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Free Tarot Reading: Month of December, 2014.

Today I present a free Tarot reading on the energies for the month of December. For this reading I am using The Starlight Illuminated Tarot, by Carol Herzer. Carol adds fantastic color to the Rider-Waite-Smith (RWS) Tarot giving it new life and vibrancy. I have never been a fan of the RWS despite it being the deck I used when I first learned to read Tarot, but I must say I absolutely love Carol’s rendition of it. The Starlight Illuminated Tarot is gorgeous and the colors Carol uses makes each card come to life. I will be reviewing this deck in a future blog post. Meanwhile, you can read about Carol’s decks here (she does have other decks as well) & you can contact Carol at Soul Guidance: Now on to the reading.

At first I was going to make this only a 3-card draw, but I wasn’t too crazy about what those 3 cards were telling me so I drew 2 more cards for clarification. Normally, when examining the day, week or month ahead I draw only 3 cards and merely stipulate in my question that I am looking for information on what to expect from my day, week, or month.

The original 3 cards received are the 3 of Pentacles, 7 of Swords, and The Empress.

The 3 of Pentacles, 7 of Swords & Empress from "The Starlight Illuminated Tarot" by Carol Herzer.
The 3 of Pentacles, 7 of Swords & Empress from “The Starlight Illuminated Tarot” by Carol Herzer.

The subject or topic card, the 3 of Pentacles, represents your work or something you create with your hands. Traditionally, this is the card of the stonemason and it can represent a person who is highly skilled working with their hands. As a result, it can represent creative pursuits and creations as well as the 9-to-5 work environment. So here we know the topic of the reading will focus on work for the month of December.

The major influence is the 7 of Swords. Hmm. That’s what I always think when this card appears. The 7 of Swords represents the thief in the night, someone who makes off with what does not belong to them. Usually, when this card appears it indicates that something is about to be taken away. Here, it follows the 3 of Pentacles so it appears that someone will attempt to perhaps take credit for someone else’s hard work or perhaps run off with someone else’s idea and claim it as their own. So we all need to be weary of some type of mischief in the workplace.

The original outcome card is The Empress (by original, that means I drew 2 more cards for further clarification that I’ll discuss below). As a card of the major arcana, The Empress embodies the universal archetypes of Motherhood, Fertility, Creation, Nature, and Abundance. She can represent a female in a reading. Here, what I am feeling is The Empress represents the abundance our jobs bring to us in the form of monetary income, plus the fertility and creation that many of us have through our work as we use our minds to come up with creative solutions in order to complete our work tasks. The Empress serves as an important reminder that when people with the energy of the 7 of Swords make themselves known in our lives we need to realize they are not the creative ones, we are. They have to rely on subterfuge to do well at work while we use our natural skills and acquired knowledge. This indicates that although someone may attempt or even get away with taking credit for your work or an idea, that eventually you will come out on top and go on to better things.

I found that intriguing so I drew 2 more cards to see how The Empress card would pan out. I pulled the 8 of Cups and the 8 of Wands randomly from 2 different places in the deck.

The 8 of Cups & 8 of Wands from "The Starlight Illuminated Tarot" by Carol Herzer.
The 8 of Cups & 8 of Wands from “The Starlight Illuminated Tarot” by Carol Herzer.

I guess sometimes we’ve taken all we can take. The 8 of Cups is about leaving a well-known and perhaps even comfortable situation behind and striking out for the unknown. We all have at one time or another (or even repeatedly) have had to deal with a person who attempts to take credit for our work. In grad school students had ideas stolen – not by fellow students as you would assume, but by professors, even some professors who were already widely published. This almost happened to me with my dissertation. Luckily, when I went up to confront my professor two other students went up with me to say they had heard me present the same information in this same professor’s class earlier in the week & she was merely couching my idea in new terms thinking she’d get away with it. I was so livid at the time I could barely think straight, but my first thought was that if I don’t get my professor to back down I’m leaving that university and seeking my doctorate elsewhere. Thankfully, it did not come to that. She backed down because she had us 3 telling her she was wrong to claim this idea as her own.

That is often our first reaction when something goes terribly wrong. We wish to leave, just up and leave and not look back. So the 8 of Cups is saying that for some of you this work subterfuge may be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. You may decide to start looking elsewhere for new employment. Just remember, ignorant people are everywhere and you don’t want to jump from the frying pan into the fire. Carefully evaluate your situation because each will be different from another and determine if seeking new employment is really what you should do at this point in your career and in your life.

The next card, the 8 of Wands, tells us how things from the 8 of Cups will work out. The 8 of Wands is the card of speedy developments in a situation. It can represent messages and travel as well. Following the 7 of Wands, which is about standing your ground and defending your position, I often view the 8 of Wands as the ability to drive your point home once you’ve made it. Here, the 8 of Wands is saying things will develop quickly in the situation so you may want to carefully reconsider any thoughts about leaving and stick around to see how things work out. In other words, leaving may be a bit premature. Some sort of resolution is being hinted at with the 8 of Wands.

That is the overall energy for the month of December. Please keep in mind these are general readings, meaning that I do not intend them for any one particular person. Read it as you would an astrological forecast from the newspaper and ask yourself, “does this really apply to me, or doesn’t it, and if so, how can I best take advantage of the guidance being provided?”

If you are interested in a Tarot or a Lenormand reading from me, you can find ordering information posted at my website. Due to client demand I typically book up for readings 2 weeks in advance so please keep that in mind when ordering. All orders are filled on a strictly first-come, first-served basis & my readings look and read exactly as what you’ve just read here.

Wishing you all many blessings,

~ Nefer Khepri, PhD., R. M-T.

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Egyptian Lenormand

Turtle Lenormand (nearing completion & available for pre-order!)

The Egyptian Lenormand Goes to Press!

I am currently hard at work on my forthcoming deck, The Turtle Lenormand (now open for pre-order & limited to a print run of only 50 copies), however, I have

Egyptian Lenormand box cover.

Egyptian Lenormand box cover.

discovered today that my soon-to-be-published deck, The Egyptian Lenormand, is already receiving recognition although physical hard copies are not yet available.

My deck has been available for pre-order on Amazon for approximately 2 months and has always been well ranked in the New Releases categories of Divination and Fortune Telling, and lately, also in the category of Tarot.

I am honored that there is so much interest in The Egyptian Lenormand before it is actually released. From the very beginning that deck was a tremendous honor for me. Here is the reason why.

I did not create it.

Sure, I drew the pictures and colored them with Faber-Castell watercolor pencils & Caran D’Ache watercolor crayons. Yes, I was the one who put a great deal of work into the deck & many nights made my family scrounge food for themselves because I was “in the zone” creating without time to cook dinner, but the images were given to me by the Egyptian deities with Whom I have been working since 1998.

The first image to arrive into my consciousness was The Key card. Now, at the time, I thought it was just a nice image, a one-off and that would be that. A few days later I heard the collective voice of the gods say, “Now, We would like to see Father Thoth. Perhaps standing in front of a moon.” I thought to myself ,”oh! That would be such a nice image.” So I created it. As 2 more images quickly followed I realized what this was becoming ~ The Egyptian Lenormand.

My Mother. Circa 1940.

My Mother. Circa 1940.

I dedicated The Egyptian Lenormand to the memory of my mother, who was an outstanding woman who overcame a major life-threatening physical disability, racial discrimination, and gender discrimination. She outdid the doctors’ estimate of living to only 30 by living to be 82. She did not follow their advice when they told her to abort me & gave birth to me via c-section with four doctors in attendance. She went to school when no one wanted to help get her there & she had to walk nearly a mile while wearing a metal brace on one leg her entire life due to spina bifida. She was the best mother to me and a fine example I struggle to live up to everyday. She NEVER complained & it wasn’t until she was on her deathbed that I found out the spina bifida had caused her pain every single day of her life. She never told anyone, not even my father.

Me hanging out in my Grandpa's bar at the age of 3 with my grandpa.

Me hanging out in my Grandpa’s bar at the age of 3 with my grandpa.

All my life, since the ripe age of 2, I have loved to color & draw. In Kindergarten I was hauled off to the principal’s office for coloring goldfish purple. The teacher was walking the rows of desks looking at our work & when she came to me, she stopped & asked “why are your goldfish purple?” I was 5 at the time. I looked up at her & said, “Because they’re PURPLE goldfish!” Didn’t she understand that?? She took that as insubordination instead of the opportunity to foster a child’s creativity. The principal merely told me to color what I wanted & sent me back to class, but following school policy he had to call my mom. My mom had a friend drive her to the school (we had only 1 car & Dad drove it to work) & raised holy hell about what happened. I’ll never forget. I could hear her screaming from inside my classroom since the principal’s office was only about 5 doors down. My teacher looked white as a sheet, then SHE got called into the principal’s office & we didn’t see her for 3 whole days! That was the first time I can recall someone standing up for me & my creativity. It made a lasting impression.

By the time I was in high school I had already had a one-woman art show at a local mall – twice, & my art had won a few local awards. It was my high school academic counselor who told me, “there is no money in art unless you’re dead, so choose something else.” That single negative statement also made a lasting impression upon me that I regret to this day.

So, what did I do? I focused in college on Archaeology instead, yet another career in which there isn’t any money! I guess I showed them, didn’t I? I never made much as a lecturer prior to receiving my doctorate and then realized I’d never make any decent money unless I published a book that sold well and made a name for myself in academia as did my mentor, Linda Schele, who did VERY well for herself until she unfortunately passed away from pancreatic cancer in 1998 – a tremendous blow to the field of Mayan epigraphy and iconography.

Once I couldn’t find a post-doctoral position I got lost one day in the town to which my husband and I had just moved. I wandered around driving to see if I could find a familiar intersection when I found a new age shop. I decided to check out what they had & ask for directions.

I walked in to find the owner on the FLOOR in TEARS while this young guy was standing over her screaming!! As I took a step into the shop my first reaction was to yell, “Hey! What are you doing?” He stopped, told her he quit & ran out. I immediately got on the floor to hug and comfort the poor woman. She was so upset and told me that now she had no one to watch the shop when she had to attend to other business at times and she pointed out how everyone knows how difficult it is to find good help these days.

I then told her, “well, I need a job. I have a doctorate & can’t find anything in my field. The way things are I’m willing to work retail if that’s what it takes.” So we talked, we hit it off and in about 2 hours I had had a nice lunch AND a new job. I started work the next day and that is what soon gave birth to my site and business,

That was in 1995, but it wasn’t until late 1997 that I began my business out of my home reading for local clients and not until 1998 that I founded my website, which has been at the same URL ever since. But in all that time, from the start of graduate school in 1985 and opening my business in 1998 I had not created a single piece of art. I had left it behind – my big life-long dream was no more, or was it?

I made friends with a local artist named Vasu and she encouraged me to return to my art. She kept after me and kept after me and finally, just to get her to leave me alone I created something, showed it to her and she loved it and said, “now you have to keep creating and never stop.”

That is the BEST advice ANYONE has EVER given me. I followed it, more or less, but I wasn’t serious. I was trying to keep my business afloat while taking care of a new baby I had in 1998, my husband and our new house. It wasn’t easy and my days were filled with responsibilities and little time for myself with a delightful little girl to raise. However, in my spare time I focused on my art and bit by bit the muscle memory that is so crucial to making decent drawings returned to my left hand and I could see a steady improvement in everything I drew.

Then in October, 2012 the images and the voices began for what was to become The Egyptian Lenormand. It wasn’t until I had the first four images completed that I realized it was to be a Lenormand deck. I figured at some point the well would run dry and the divine inspiration that had been coming through would cease.

The card back to the "Egyptian Lenormand." (C) Nefer Khepri, 2014.

The card back to the “Egyptian Lenormand.” (C) Nefer Khepri, 2014.

But that’s not what happened. Instead, the gods saw me through the entire deck, even the design of the card back was dictated and described to me by Them.

Thus, my dream has become a reality. I never completely released my dream of being an artist and I’m very happy to say that now my visionary art (Soul Portraits and also Manifestation Mandalas) is selling to clients around the world. My deck is about to be published, I’m nearly finished with my next deck, and am also working on a pictoral oracle deck based upon my vacation photos I took on 3 different trips to Maui, Hawaii. Where will it all lead? Only time will tell, but in the meantime I am truly enjoying the process of creating.

I am deeply grateful to everyone who supported me along the way by liking the Page for The Egyptian Lenormand, joining the group, liking and commenting on my posts about the creation process, & I’m also very thankful to the 90+ people who purchased a copy of the self-published edition. I still have FOUR copies remaining if anyone is interested. I also appreciate the continued interest, and along with all who are interested, I’m also really looking forward to the day I can finally hold the Schiffer edition of The Egyptian Lenormand in my hands.

That day is coming soon. Stay tuned to my blog for further details as to the exact release date and the availability of signed Author’s Copies.

Dreams DO come true. Believe and reach for the stars!

~ Nefer Khepri, PhD., R. M-T.

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Deck Review: Aquarius Gypsy Lenormand Deck

Aquarius Gypsy Lenormand Deck
Lynn Boyle
Aquarius Wellbeing
$38.00 AUD
Purchase Here


The Aquarius Gypsy Lenormand is both a Lenormand and a Gypsy divination deck. Gypsy2The first 36 cards of the 70-card deck are the traditional cards of the Lenormand system, numbered 1 – 36.  Cards numbered 37 – 70 correspond to cards that traditionally comprise decks known as “gypsy” cards. The cards measure 3 ½ X 2 ½” individually and when stacked on top of one another, the deck measures 7/8” high. Although this is a thick deck, due to its small playing-card size it remains easy to shuffle.

You have three options when using this deck, based upon my own experimentation. The Aquarius Gypsy Lenormand works great when using the traditional 36 Lenormand cards. You can then use the remaining Gypsy cards to draw extra cards for additional clarification, especially when reading a Grand Tableau. Due to using all 36 traditional Lenormand cards for the Grand Tableau spread it is usually not possible to draw extra cards for additional clarification unless you are using a second deck.  Another deck is not necessary with the Aquarius Gypsy Lenormand since there are an extra 34 cards when using the first 36 cards as a traditional Lenormand deck.

The second manner of use focuses on using only cards numbered 37 – 70. This provides you with a 34-card oracle deck. I have gotten very clear readings for myself using only the Gypsy cards of this system. Readings are concise and to the point, as they are with the traditional Lenormand cards numbered 1 – 36.

The third use of this deck is as a 70-card oracular system. The traditional 36 Lenormand cards and the additional 34 Gypsy cards work very well in tandem together. The two systems play quite nicely and readings are thorough and easy to understand, even for a novice.

Card interpretations are provided printed out Gypsy1 onto four sheets of typing paper, size A4. Pages 1 – 3 are printed on both sides while page 4 comes to nearly half a page of printed interpretations, thus providing deck users with nearly 6 ½ pages of card interpretations. Interpretations for the first 36 cards of the Lenormand follow traditional Lenormand card interpretations while interpretations of the 34 Gypsy cards combine Gypsy interpretations with some Tarot (Empress, Emperor, Wheel, Lightning as the Tower, Doorway as Judgment, Hermit, Fool, Oracle as the High Priestess, and World. The Gypsy cards also include four cards that correspond to the four seasons, which are great if they appear in a reading concerned with the timing of an event or situation.

Images are photographed with some of them being within the public domain. The actual image area measures 2 7/8 X 1 15/16” surrounded by a mottled purple border that measures at top and bottom 3/8” and along the left and right the border measures ¼” wide. Due to their darker color the borders are not obtrusive. Usually, such wide borders bother me as a reader, especially when reading larger spreads, but that does not apply to the Aquarius Gypsy Lenormand deck.

I enjoy using these cards very much. I have been working with them for a few months now and I have used a wide variety of spreads, some specifically designed for use with Lenormand decks, some designed for Tarot, and a few I have made up myself. The Aquarius Gypsy Lenormand deck lends itself well to every spread I have tried. Readings are clear, to the point, and easy to interpret.

As a result, I would definitely recommend the Aquarius Gypsy Lenormand to beginners and advanced readers alike. There is a great deal of enjoyment to be had with this deck and Lynn Boyle has succeeded in creating a lovely contribution to the field of self-published Lenormand and oracle decks.

Wishing you & yours many blessings,

Nefer Khepri, PhD., R. M-T. readings, spells, free information

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Ebola: Together We Can Heal

Healing event - Maui 2014

Along the Road to Hana, Maui, Hawaii. (C) Nefer Khepri, 2014.


I had another dream about the Virgin Mary last night. I don’t remember if She said anything to me. She was facing me, dressed in an iridescent blue robe and white gown. She was wringing her hands & had tears of blood all along her face. They were coming down & the blood was beginning to saturate the neckline of her robe. Although She didn’t say a word (that I can remember) I’m sure that dream is tied to the Ebola problem. If you remember, I dreamt about her a couple of weeks ago and She asked us all to pray & to pray often & hard, with emotion. You can read that blog post here if you missed it.

As a result of this new dream, combined with the first dream, and the current state of world affairs, I cannot help but think both are tied to the Ebola situation. Doctors and missionaries who have become infected with the virus are being shipped to their home countries for treatment. Those home countries (at least in Dallas, Texas) are not properly equipped to deal with Ebola so others have become infected. Already there has been a nurse infected in Spain who was treating a missionary and a nurse here in Texas (Dallas) who treated the man from Liberia who passed away last week.

Consequently, I have created a public event on Facebook asking everyone, no matter what your walk of faith may be, to please pray, send energy using any healing modality you know of, and light candles holding the intentions I have outlined below. I invite everyone to join the event on Facebook and I ask you to please share this blog post so others can also join in our efforts. The event is set for Saturday, but any time this weekend will be just wonderful.

The intention I feel we should all focus on should involve the following points:

  •  healing energy to those affected in West Africa
  •  healing energy to those affected who are in other areas of the world
  • protective energy to all healthcare workers treating Ebola patients
  • protective energy to all missionaries & other volunteers working with Ebola patients and caregivers
  • protective energy to all nations in order to prevent the worldwide spread of Ebola.

I truly believe if we make a concerted effort & we all focus on these main points every time we pray, send energy, or light a candle, that we can make a real difference.

Prayer to Our Lady, Undoer of Knots. Photo (C) Nefer Khepri, 2014.

Prayer to Our Lady, Undoer of Knots. Photo (C) Nefer Khepri, 2014.

My Facebook friend, Sally Nur, posted this prayer to her timeline this morning. It was one of the first things I read when checking my account. It is VERY powerful. Just reading it made my intestines feel like they were shaking! I am sharing it here in the form of a meme I created using a photo I took of a small shrine to Our Lady that was set into the cliff wall somewhere along the Road to Hana, Maui, Hawaii. This is a little shrine, about 2 feet long, that is set into a hole in the cliff wall along the Road to Hana. You can only view it going TO Hana. If you’re coming back then you have the opposite lane of traffic between you and the shrine. The twisty, narrow 2-lane road doesn’t allow you to look around well so coming back from Hana everyone would definitely miss it. My husband and I made the drive to Hana twice before & we never saw the shrine until our third trip this past June. I don’t know if the shrine is brand new or if it’s been there all along. I’m so glad we found it this time. My husband actually saw it first and backed up the car so I could take this picture. We risked being rear-ended on a curve along the cliff road that had about a 1,000 foot drop so I’m very glad I got this picture in one take!

I invite everyone to use this prayer if you so desire & to join us in our global effort to find a cure for Ebola. Already too many lives have been lost.