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Published August 22, 2014 by Nefer Khepri, Ph. D.

Kyron y la modificacion del ADN. (C) Maria Paula Maximo.

Kyron y la modificacion del ADN. (C) Maria Paula Maximo.

There are a lot of sensitive people out there; and by “sensitive,” I mean open to receiving and picking up on energies that the typical person cannot feel. I have some advice regarding online activity for all who are sensitives: this is important so I hope you all take it to heart.

Every time you are ABOUT to get online (not when you get online, but you are ABOUT to), put up your shield. Imagine that protective bubble around you, call on your angels and spirit guides and any other form of higher power in which you believe & ask that they shield you from the energy of others.

This is important. Why? Simply because there are many very sad, lonely people out there who reach out with their own energy. They knowingly or unknowingly latch on to our energy and draw from it in order to help themselves feel better. This is what is known as an energy vampire, or a psychic vampire. They can literally eventually drain the life right out of you, just like Christopher Lee in the movies,

Bloodsucker, (C) Alvaro Tapia.

Bloodsucker, (C) Alvaro Tapia.

except that their eyes don’t turn all red, at least I hope they don’t!

You can also know psychic or energy vampires in person.  An example.

You’re in a great mood, then someone calls & dumps their problems all over you. You end the phone call feeling drained, tired, like the energy has just been zapped right out of you. Truth be told, it has been. Your friend, in dumping all over you shed themselves of some negative energy, handed it on over to you, and through your words of sympathy and understanding they’ve managed to soak up some of your energy in the process. Most do this unknowingly, but there are some who are well aware of what they are doing and they do so in order to feel great all the time and feed off the energy of others.

When we put up our shields psychic & energy vampires & negative people can’t make that connection to us. As their tendrils go outward they bump up against our shields and fall away. Our guides may even cut the tendrils. I know Michael cuts many for me daily. When your guides cut energy tendrils they are not only protecting you, they are also working to prevent the sender from attaching to the energy of another person. So you may want to ask your angels & guides to not only protect you, but to also cut any and all tendrils heading your way. That way you are doing others a big favor who are not as informed as you are.

Case in point, this happened to me the other morning. I opened my email not thinking to put my shields up since I don’t do that until I log into Facebook, usually. I read an email from a very sad and miserable person who said their life is a total mess and they asked me to tell them what to do and to fix their life for them. I then felt all these tendrils head out to me and in my mind’s eye I saw HUNDREDS of very skinny black wavy lines heading right for me. It was gross, like a giant black squid. I put up my shield a bit late so some tendrils attached (also called energy cords, I use tendrils so you guys can visualize what I saw). So I had to ask Michael to cut the cords, which he immediately did, but as I asked him I began to feel dangerously ill. I felt something wrong with my HEART, of ALL things! Like it was no longer beating correctly and I began to see dark spots in my peripheral vision. I also became a bit lightheaded, but as Michael cut the cords all those symptoms stopped immediately.

Let this serve as warning to you all. A word to the wise, if you prefer.

ALWAYS put up your shield and say your protections BEFORE you open your browser. Also, if you have not been doing this, you can start right now, and after you ask for protection, ask Archangel Michael to cut all energy cords leading from you to everyone else online “in all Space, Time, and Dimensions” and that he also cut all cords leading from everyone else to you “in all Space, Time, and Dimensions.” He will do it immediately. It’s totally painless for all involved and you may end up feeling a LOT better once he’s finished.

For more on cutting etheric or energy cords with Archangel Michael’s help I refer you to an extremely popular earlier blog post of mine.

Wishing you all many blessings,

Nefer Khepri, PhD, R. M-T.

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Egyptian Lenormand card deck

Introducing “The Aloha Spirit of Maui” oracle deck!

Published August 13, 2014 by Nefer Khepri, Ph. D.

Waterfall along the Road to Hana, Maui.

Waterfall along the Road to Hana, Maui. Copyright Nefer Khepri, 2014.

Yes, I am at it AGAIN! Here I am with yet another deck idea, but this time no hand-drawn art is involved. Instead, the deck will consist of my own photographs that I took on 3 vacations to Maui, Hawaii. The idea germinated in 2009 upon returning from our first trip to Maui. I was looking through my pictures and every once in a while I’d say to myself:

 “Ooh! That would make a great card image for some deck!” 

As it turned out, I took well over 1,800 photos that first trip and narrowed it down to keeping 688. Of those, around 22 made for great card images, but I just didn’t know the type of deck. I have 37 year’s experience reading Tarot so naturally I assumed my pictures would contribute to a Tarot deck. 

 But things change … 

 In 2007 I had learned from a cousin of mine that one of my aunts had read Lenormand cards, but only for immediate family and very close friends. I had never known this about her, but she was the one who taught me how to perform spiritual cleansings on people and locations. I always knew she was a curandera (Mexican white witch and healer), although being a firm Catholic she would never ever admit to that.  I spent the next 2 years trying to convince my cousin to send me a copy of my aunt’s handwritten notes on her Lenormand card-reading system. Late in 2009 he finally agreed and that was my first real introduction to the wonderful world of Lenormand. I was totally sucked in and began studying all I could, which was mainly online via blogs since at that time very little was available in English that made any good sense to me. 

When we returned to Maui in 2011 I began thinking that perhaps what I had going with my 2009 photos wasn’t so much a Tarot deck as a Lenormand deck. I began looking for Lenormand symbols in nature that I could photograph. Again, I went on a photo-shooting frenzy taking anywhere from 120 to 300 pictures a day. We were there for 8 days, so yes, that adds up fast. Upon returning home I narrowed the field of my 2011 photos down to a group of 510 from a total of over 2,100. Once again I saw images that would make great Lenormand cards, but the Lenormand system just didn’t seem exactly right.

As a result, I needed to go to Maui a third and final time.

Natural archway at Black Sand Beach, Maui.  Copyright Nefer Khepri, 2014.

Natural archway at Black Sand Beach, Maui. Copyright Nefer Khepri, 2014.

I just knew that the old adage, “third time’s the charm” would prove true and I would come home and realize just what sort of a deck I had in the making. Unfortunately, when my husband asked me early this year where I’d like to go for our 20th anniversary and I said “Maui,” he replied, “Aw, honey, I’m sorry, but I’m all Maui-ed out.” 

To say I was bummed would be a gross understatement. I think I cried off and one for about five days. How was I to come up with the images I needed? Plus, I dearly LOVE Maui. The energy there is so healing. I was dying to go back. If I had my way we’d be living there now. 

So I waited and did not mention Maui or card deck ideas. I figured if it was meant to be that it would just find a way of working itself out. 

As our anniversary date loomed on the calendrical horizon my husband called me from work one fine day and announced, “You know, we need to go somewhere special we both love for our anniversary. How do you feel about going back to Maui?” He had totally forgotten our previous conversation on the subject, obviously. Now he was convinced it was a great idea! I replied very calmly with, “that would be very nice.” So he told me to go ahead and make the arrangements and we would go a month after our anniversary and make the trip coincide with my birthday. 

After that phone conversation I got up and performed a huge happy dance all around the house! 

On June 17, 2014 I returned to Maui now determined to get those final shots I needed for whatever deck this island’s wonderful energy wished to create through me as the channel. I set my intention before getting on the plane and reiterated my intention upon landing that I was here to obtain the final images necessary for this photographic card deck. 

River at Iao State Park, Maui. Copyright Nefer Khepri, 2014.

River at Iao State Park, Maui. Copyright Nefer Khepri, 2014.

Once again I went on a picture taking spree, but after the first day it was extremely limited. The evening of our first full day there I took a very bad fall. Not down a cliff or anything as dramatic as that (thank the gods!). It was in a dark parking lot. I bounced several times & skidded across loose gravel for about 10 feet, all according to my husband. I went through the next day, my birthday, in EXTREME pain and was popping Tylenol 3 at a time every 4 hours after a quick call to my GP, plus taking 3 Aleve every 12 hours, as per his instructions. I didn’t even sleep the night of my birthday due to all the pain so the next day not only was I in pain, but I felt awful from lack of sleep. 

Yet, I persevered. I went around with Stuart and we did things he wanted to do. I was cut up, bleeding, and had 2 bandages on each arm so I was unable to get in the water, not only due to the salt content that would have burned my wounds, but hey, sharks, dude. Sharks. NO WAY! And yes, I have seen “Jaws” way too many times, which is to say I’ve seen it 3 times, which is far too many for me since I’m afraid of water in the first place and can’t swim! 

Despite all the pain and misery, I managed to take 400 pictures despite the pain it caused me to raise the camera to my eye, and believe me, it seriously hurt every single time. I had badly injured both my lower arms, my elbows and when I was bouncing on the gravel, well, I did that on my chest. The bruises were something out of a nightmare, let me tell you. 

On my birthday as my husband snorkeled happily with not just one, but TWO SEA TURTLES (for those of you who know me you know I dearly LOVE sea turtles & had my own great experience in 2011), I sat up on the beach working on a card for my forthcoming, “Turtle Lenormand” (you can follow that deck’s progress here). Then he had to come up & tell me all about the sea turtles, one of which had a shell that was “at least four feet long.” Yeah, go husband, go! I hate you! Happy freakin’ birthday to me. Sob. Sob. 

Yet, I continued to take photos, sometimes of very odd things and I had no idea why I would ever think such a thing would make for a good photo, but I figured perhaps the island was speaking through my camera lens. 

Sure enough, upon returning home as I examined my photos I ended up with an additional 84 that I felt would make great card images. I also realized what I had on my hands.

Not Tarot. 

Not Lenormand.

An oracle deck.

To be honest, oracle decks and I do not get along very well. I use only two with great success: Ciro Marchetti’s self-published edition of Oracle of Visions and The Map. A few other oracle decks also work well for me, but are not as insightful as these two have been. Let me stress this is a VERY individual thing. Just because only two oracle decks work well for me consistently time and time again does NOT mean they are the two best out there or that they would also work great for you. There are a lot of great oracle decks out there, a few of which I have reviewed for my blog. You need to experiment and purchase different decks and see which ones work best for you. As with everything else, what works great for one person may not do the same for another. 

I never thought I would ever even consider creating an oracle deck, but as I examined my photos from our 2014 trip it was crystal clear that was what had formulated among my vast collection of Maui photographs. 

Thus, The Aloha Spirit of Maui oracle deck was born. 

I have been busy off and on cropping my images into 4X6″ portrait orientation so they can serve as card images. I’m also thinking up titles for each and also card interpretations. It’s all quite a process and although no hand-drawn art is involved in this particular project, it will still end up being time-consuming, but I am really looking forward to the finished result. 

If you would like to follow the process of this deck, please visit its blog, the sister-blog to my main blog here at WordPress. If you follow you will receive an email notification every time I submit a new post. If you are on Facebook you can also follow my visionary art and other art projects and decks as a member of my new group

I look forward to seeing what The Aloha Spirit of Maui has to say through me. I am very excited about this project and hope that others will also share in my excitement as I go through the birthing process with this deck. 

Wishing You All Many Blessings,

Nefer Khepri, PhD.


EgyptianLenormand.com (only 7 self-published, signed & numbered copies remain!)







Deck Review: The Emerald Forest Lenormand.

Published August 9, 2014 by Nefer Khepri, Ph. D.

The soothing babble of a trickling brook …                                    

the cool shade and soft breeze under the forest canopy … 

being serenaded by birdsong of hidden feathered ones …

Where are you? 


You are in the middle of The Emerald Forest Lenormand, created by Tarot Lyn and MoonGypsy (self-published, 2014).  


The Emerald Forest Lenormand, (C) Tarot Lyn & MoonGypsy, 2014.

The Emerald Forest Lenormand, (C) Tarot Lyn & MoonGypsy, 2014.

Rendered in a lush forest landscape blanketed with shades of green for every card, The Emerald Forest Lenormand possesses a soothing energy that for Lenormand cards is unique to this deck. Tarot Lyn designed the cards while holding the intention that they convey healing and calming energy to all who use them. I find when I use it that The Emerald Forest Lenormand I feel calm, relaxed, and after the reading I feel like I’ve just had a soul-invigorating walk in the woods. 


The Emerald Forest Lenormand is a Photoshopped deck that is created with skill and finesse. Many of the images look more like hand and brush-created paintings than pictures manipulated with a computer program making this deck a joy to look at as well as to use. 


Extra cards are included with the deck, which brings the total card count of the deck up to 43 cards. The extra cards are: 


  •  Cat, numbered 37
  •  Money ~ Assets, numbered 38
  •  Work ~ Career ~ Job, numbered 39
  •  Sexual Intimacy, numbered 40
  •  Fortune Teller, unnumbered 
  •  Yes, unnumbered
  •  No, unnumbered 

The Emerald Forest Lenormand (C) Tarot Lyn & MoonGypsy, 2014: Extra cards.

The Emerald Forest Lenormand (C) Tarot Lyn & MoonGypsy, 2014: Extra cards.

Extra images of cards within the traditional 36-card count are also provided and they differ somewhat between the bridge and mini-sizes of the deck.  These consist of additional renderings of particular cards, but not all of them. 


Extra cards included with the bridge-sized deck are: Rider (a female), Ship, 3 extra House images, Tree, Snake, Coffin, Bouquet, 2 extra Birds images, Child (one female, one male), Bear, Dog, Garden, Ring, Book, Letter, 2 extra Man cards, 2 extra Woman cards, 2 Sun images, 2 Moon images, Key & Cat.


Extra cards included with the mini-size are: Rider (female), Ship, House, Tree, Snake, Coffin, Birds, Child (female), Dog, Garden, Book, Letter, 2 extra Man cards, 2 extra Woman cards, Sun, Moon, and Key. 


I like it when deck creators offer extra versions of the same card. Then the buyer can pick and choose which version they prefer to use. If you get bored over time you can switch some of the cards out as well, giving the deck a new look and feel over time. This is one of the benefits to self-publishing. The Artist maintains total and complete control over the final appearance of their deck.


Overall, this is a very nice deck to use. Both sizes shuffle nicely, and for a mini deck that is not something I can say often. Due to their tiny size minis cannot be shuffled in a conventional manner. You will need to hold the deck in one hand while rifling the cards with the other. If shuffled in the conventional manner you will dent some of the cards, but this is true of any mini-sized deck. 

I enjoy using this deck and I love the soft imagery surrounded with green. The Emerald Forest Lenormand really does offer a peaceful and relaxing divinatory experience. 


The Emerald Forest Lenormand is available for order at http://lenormandcards.com/page22.html and retails for $27.95 for all card images, or $21.95 for only the 36 traditional Lenormand cards, plus shipping and handling. 


Nefer Khepri, PhD., R. M-T.


http://egyptianlenormand.com (Forthcoming from Schiffer Books in the Fall, 2014 with only 6 copies of the self-published edition remaining). 



Irlen Syndrome: What Is It & How to Treat It

Published July 24, 2014 by Nefer Khepri, Ph. D.

My daughter happily wearing her brand new Irlen custom-tinted lens. That smile says it all!

My daughter happily wearing her brand new Irlen custom-tinted lens. That smile says it all!

My 15 year old daughter was born with Irlen Syndrome.

Irlen Syndrome is a short-circuit between the brain and the optic nerve. Something goes amiss and the brain is unable to send the optic nerve every signal that corresponds to every color of the color spectrum.

A person with Irlen Syndrome does not see the world as everyone else does. They miss certain colors. It is almost like color blindness, but that is NOT what is going on since more than the colors of blue or green are affected. Also, Irlen Syndrome results in kids being diagnosed with “learning disabilities” such as ADD, ADHD, other issues and put on medication such as Ritalin, when in fact, it is Irlen Syndrome that is at the root of their issue(s).

Irlen Syndrome does not only affect children. Many adults also have it & are unaware because doctors & even specialists are unaware this syndrome even exists. Irlen Syndrome is hereditary. Chances are good that if an adult has it that one or more of their children also will place somewhere on the Irlen spectrum. A grandparent probably has Irlen Syndrome as well.

If you have a family history of headaches, migraines, mood swings, anxiety, or depression and any combination thereof, there is a good chance your family has been suffering from undiagnosed Irlen Syndrome that has been misdiagnosed as other issues that have then been treated incorrectly and in isolation. This may also be the reason why treatments have been failing or not as successful for you as they are for others.

My daughter was undiagnosed until the age of 15 & suffered from reading & sight difficulties her entire life that resulted in chronic daily headaches, insomnia, mood swings, lack of appetite, digestive disorders, and anxiety that all began to coincide with her teen years. She never complained to us until she was in the 8th grade. Until then, she thought that the way she was seeing the world was normal.

Starting in the 8th grade she began to have increased difficulty in reading. Up until then she had somehow learned to compensate. Her particular reading issue is that she misses a few letters within longer words. She compensates by mentally filling in the blank and using context to figure out what the word should be. As a result, her reading rate for reading aloud is very slow and is suitable for a much younger student. She hates reading aloud as a result.

Other people with Irlen Syndrome see text differently than others. The text can appear to float above the paper. The paper can appear to be so much brighter than the text that it blots out some of the letters. Letters within words can appear to swim and change position with other letters often causing the person to be diagnosed with dyslexia, when that is NOT what they have. Words can swim and switch positions within sentences. In extreme cases entire sentences can turn into “rivers” and float all around the page making reading nearly impossible.

My daughter used to be cheery, a social butterfly, helpful around the house, and enjoyed doing things with my husband and I. All that began to slowly change in the 8th grade. It happened so gradually that we didn’t notice until we woke up one day and realized we had an extremely surly teen on our hands. I discussed this issue with two pediatricians who both came to the same conclusion: it’s the kid’s hormones kicking in and she will eventually adjust. We went with that diagnosis for another year. Then everything changed once she entered high school.

Her high school issued a free laptop to every student. That was the catalyst for us. My daughter was unable to read off of it properly. She began to suffer from massive headaches, insomnia, and she was in a bad mood nearly 24/7 and also developed digestive issues and serious anxiety. Her pediatrician ruled most of it as being related to hormonal levels and adjusting to high school. He suggested a neurological consult for the headaches and a psychologist for the anxiety. He also wanted to put her on medication, but I did not allow that. My intuition was already telling me there was more going on there than what met the eye and that the pediatrician would be of no help.

The neurologist, after an MRI, concluded Ariel’s brain was “unremarkable,” meaning that everything was normal and functioning as it should. He stressed that anxiety alone could be the culprit behind all the other issues and probably was, including the headaches so he recommended not just a psychologist but a psychiatrist as well. Again, I ignored that particular recommendation because something told me that was not the problem.

The focus then became her eyes. Already wearing prescription lens for severe near-sightedness, I took Ariel for an opthamological consult with my own doctor. She could not find anything wrong with Ariel’s eyes or her optic nerves. Everything appeared completely normal to her during her examination.

Finally, I insisted the school test her for dyslexia since she said on the computer words were swimming and changing positions on her and she wasn’t even able to read her assignments. She tested completely normal so we were stumped. It wasn’t until later in the school year that one of her teachers suggested it might be something called Irlen Syndrome because she was recognizing in my daughter many of the same symptoms her own son exhibited years ago. She told me I would have to on my own find a Diagnostician since most insurances did not cover Irlen Syndrome.

When I found a local Diagnostician and had my daughter screened for Irlen Syndrome it was as if a fog had been lifted. For the first time I could see along with the tests she was having my daughter do that she really did have a very serious sight distortion issue when it came to text. The Diagnostician was also shocked when I informed her all of my daughter’s classes were Pre-AP and that she was an A/B student. She said that her intelligence must be actually much higher if she was able to maintain such good grades while compensating so much on her reading and it did not cause her grades to fall.

Upon receiving her Irlen tinted lens the headaches stopped in 48 hours & have not returned. Her mood swings also ceased in 48 hours. Her appetite returned in less than five hours and for the first time in 3 years she asked for seconds at dinner on the day she received her lens. Her anxiety levels, according to her, are now at “near zero”, and so far she has not suffered any further stomach upset. She still has insomnia, but has only had her tinted Irlen lens for a week. The diagnostician told us different symptoms would clear up at various rates & to be patient. So we’re hoping the insomnia clears up for her, but she has noticed she is sleeping harder than usual, so I see that as an improvement already.

Please do yourselves a favor and visit the official site for Irlen Syndrome.   There is a long list of related symptoms posted there. Read through that list. My daughter’s diagnostician told me that if anyone has at least 3 symptoms on the list that occur regularly, chances are good they will place somewhere on the spectrum.

Being diagnosed with Irlen Syndrome is a 2-part process. The first consists of being screened by an Irlen Screener or an Irlen Diagnostician. The difference between the two is the Screener can only test you to see if you place on the spectrum. They will then inform you of exactly where you are on the spectrum and if your condition requires the corrective custom-tinted Irlen lens. A Diagnositician, on the other hand, can also screen you, but they are the one licensed to then fit you with the corrective custom-tinted Irlen Lens.

The screening process takes approximately 90 – 120 minutes, and when I took my daughter to be screened a good part of the time was spent getting my questions finally answered by someone who actually KNEW something and was incredibly helpful.

The screening consists of being given a variety of pictures, figures, and text to look at and to read. The manner in which you read it aloud to the Screener or Diagnostician tells them a great deal of how you are actually seeing the text and figures. The Screener or Diagnostician will then ask you a series of questions to help you describe exactly how you are seeing the text on the page. Once that is completed you are told where you place on the spectrum and you are then given a plastic cover overlay. You are offered every shade from pale yellow to a dark gray, and whichever shade helps you to read better, that is the shade you take home with you. You can then place it over books, assignments from school, and your computer screen.

I can tell you from my own personal experience that a turquoise overlay has totally eliminated the eye strain I had suffered from for 40 years. I place very low on the spectrum so I do not require the corrective custom-tinted lens, but my 15 year old daughter placed at the extreme end of high on the spectrum, so she is much worse off than I am, but now has her lens and is incredibly happy and also shocked at how different the entire world looks to her now.

The lens fitting process takes approximately 3 hours. It consists of holding up to your eyes a set of tinted lens. This can be done whether you wear glasses or not. My daughter held the tinted lens against her glasses in order to read with them.

The testing begins with the darkest shade of gray and moves on into the purples, blues, greens, reds, pinks, and finally to yellow. Each color has within it four different shades of lens. Some colors can be ruled out immediately if they make your eyes hurt or you feel like you’re starting to get a headache so you may not have to try every single color in the rainbow.

As my daughter was tested for her tinted lens it readily became clear that the purple color was really helping her. The Diagnostician then had my child hold up to her eyes both the lavender shade of purple (that was the shade she read with the best) and then she looked at all four shades of blue and all four shades of red, pink, and magenta, which are all colors used to mix with blue to create purple.

After a great deal of experimentation with the sets of lens and various combinations of them the Diagnostician determined my daughter needed a combination of lavender, sky blue and pale magenta. That is her own unique custom combination of Irlen tints and they give her glasses a purple appearance to us when we look at her, but as she looks out through her glasses she sees as though she is not wearing any tint. This is because the tint of her lens is compensating for that part of the color spectrum her brain is unable to process so with her tinted Irlen lens my child is now seeing normally FOR THE FIRST TIME IN HER ENTIRE LIFE.

We have light tan walls in our home and we have lived here for ten years. When my daughter first put on her new glasses with the Irlen tinted lens she screamed. She scard me half to death! Then she said, “Mom, the WALLS!” I asked her, “what about the walls?” She said, “They’re TAN!!” I said, “well, yes, they’re a light tan.” Then she told me she had been seeing LIME-GREEN all this time! For ten years my child thought the walls of our home were a pale shade of lime-green and she thought it was normal so she never mentioned it!

As we all know, tan and lime-green do have a yellow component to both colors, but for tan it’s very slight. The yellow component is much more pronounced in lime-green, plus it also contains blue, which is totally absent from tan, but my daughter’s optic nerves and brain were not allowing her to see the neutral aspect of light tan and had somehow made her see lime-green. This told me my daughter has problem seeing shades of the color yellow and also probably blue since yellow and blue create green, and if you use more yellow than blue you can create a lime-green. I was sold on Irlen lens in that instant.

I ask everyone who reads this particular blog post to PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE share it to your Facebook, Twitter, and all other social media outlets you are currently using. Also, inform your doctors. So very few have even heard of Irlen Syndrome. We need to get the word out about Irlen Syndrome.

The Diagnostician told me that 20 – 30 percent of the world’s population suffers from Irlen Syndrome and most of them are completely unaware of it! Please spread the word so those who are in need of help can finally learn that their symptoms are all connected, all have a single cause, and that there IS help out there for them.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you.

What follows is some information about the discoverer of Irlen Syndrome, Helen Irlen, that I copied from Amazon.com. Below that are the links to her two books and a review from one parent. I urge you, if you or anyone you know has had difficulty with reading, sunlight or artificial light, PLEASE visit the official Irlen website and see how many of the symptoms apply to you or to them.

Remember, if you have consistently suffered from 3 or more symptoms, chances are that you place somewhere on the Irlen spectrum. If that is the case, there is also information at the website about Screeners and Diagnosticians worldwide and I sincerely hope if you or someone you know is suffering from Irlen Syndrome that you can find a Diagnostician in your area who can help.

~ Nefer Khepri, PhD., R. M-T.


Author & Creator of The Egyptian Lenormand, forthcoming from Schiffer Books.

Quoted from Amazon.com:

Helen L. Irlen is an internationally recognized educator, researcher, therapist, scholar, and expert in the area of visual-perceptual problems. She is a graduate of Cornell University. Ms. Irlen has been in the field of education for the past 30 years. Her background includes 15 years as a School Psychologist, 30 years as a Child and Family Therapist, Educational Therapist, founder and Director of the Adult Learning Disabilities Program and Assistant Professor of Adult Learning Disabilities at California State University/Long Beach, instructor in psychology at Cornell University, and research assistant at Cornell. She has been recognized for her dedication to working with children and adults and is listed in Who’s Who in California, Who’s Who in Asia and the Pacific Nations, International Woman of the Year (1999-2000), International Who’s Who of Professionals, Kingston’s National Registry of Who’s Who, and the Dictionary of International Biography.

Over 20 years ago, research directed by Helen Irlen under a federal research grant studied methods of helping children and adults with reading and learning disabilities. One important discovery was that a subgroup of individuals showed a marked improvement in their reading ability when reading material was covered by colored acetate sheets. For the next five years, Ms. Irlen worked on refining her discovery, developing diagnostic testing instruments, and patenting a set of colored filters.

Because of this breakthrough, the Irlen Method has been the subject of two segments of 60 Minutes, Good Morning America, The Home Show, 60 Minutes Australia, a BBC Special, ABC Worldwide News with Peter Jennings, NBC News, and numerous TV shows around the world. She is the author of Reading By The Colors. Her work has been reported in textbooks on learning disabilities in Australia and England, and the Irlen Method has received international exposure through National Geographic, newspaper articles, magazine articles, and television documentaries.

There are over 80 affiliated Irlen Clinics worldwide and over 7,000 educators have been trained in the Irlen Method. Many school districts have included screening as part of the regular test battery administered. ~ Amazon.com

To find out more about Helen Irlen visit http://www.irlen.com

She has two books easily available on Amazon

The Irlen Revolution, by Helen Irlen: available for paper copy & Kindle.

 Reading By the Colors, by Helen Irlen, paper copy only

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By Joyce Owings on September 4, 2000

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Reading By the Colors and the Irlen Method of using colored lenses to help visual distortions has changed our lives. After visiting a pediatrition, allergy specialist, optometrist,opthomologist, and getting a CAT scan, my niece finally received the Irlen lenses and can now see without having words slide off the page. She also can concentrate on her reading and was able to discontinue her Ritalin for a supposed condition of ADD. Also, I received the Irlen lenses and can now see the words on the page that previously were overtaken by the white background. I can also now see depth perception in scenery and can enjoy the colors of flowers, trees, and clouds…I can really see the silver linings! Night driving is also much easier! This book really helped me understand why I sometimes would see things differently, or why I would not read as fluently as I would like to. It helped me understand why I had to study so much longer than others. Even though I have two college degrees, it was a struggle! This book is a must for teachers! I am an elementary teacher and plan to tell everyone about it!


Your Still Small Voice.

Published July 9, 2014 by Nefer Khepri, Ph. D.

I was going about my business today preparing to take my daughter to pick up lunch at Whataburger. We just had to have their Avacado-Bacon Burger, you see.

As we were leaving the house my still small voice – you know, that voice inside your head that sometimes makes suggestions. That voice. It said, “you should take your phone.” Well, I was downstairs and my phone was somewhere upstairs. I didn’t want to go up and look for it so I blew off my still small voice thinking Whataburger isn’t even five minutes away. There is no reason I would need my phone.

I was wrong.

dodge ramWe gave our order and proceeded on through the drive-through. In front of us was a red Dodge Ram. As we sat there minding our own business, my daughter looked up & burst out laughing. I followed her gaze.

Adhered to the lower left bumper area of the pick up truck was a bumper sticker. It read:

“I’m speeding because I have to poop.”

Peels of hysterical laughter ensued. Then my daughter asked, “where’s your phone?” Oops!

Nefer: 0.

Still Small Voice: 1.

No wonder I was told I should have taken my phone along! I missed a great photo op that I later could have posted speeding poop to Facebook to give my friends a laugh, but at least I have the memory and found the bumper sticker on Google.

I am discovering more and more lately that Google is my new best friend.

Word to the wise: pay attention to your still small voice – always, even about the little things that seem to be of zero consequence at the time.

Our Haunted Maui Vacation

Published June 29, 2014 by Nefer Khepri, Ph. D.

Hotel ocean view on Maui

Lana’i Island & beach from our room at the Ashton Mahana on Maui.

Our hotel room in Maui was nearly as exciting as our daily excursions after the first night. We stayed at the Ashton Mahana in Kaanapali, Room # 902.  The first night was quiet enough, and the room was quite comfortable. My husband and I really liked it, with a fantastic ocean-front view. Actually, all rooms at the Ashton Mahana face the ocean.

The second night I woke with a start. I felt as though perhaps I had been touched. I turned to look at my husband, but he was snoring loudly with his back to me, so I knew it wasn’t him. My heart was pounded because something – a touch or perhaps a sound – had woken me abruptly, which meant a trip to the bathroom was in order.

Upon my return to bed I glanced at the clock radio, which read 3:07 AM. I immediately thought about how paranormal things tend to occur at around 3:00 AM, blew it off, and got back into a comfy position in bed. Then I glanced up at the ceiling.

Our room had a white ceiling fan over my side of the bed. The fan had a circular light fixture and five blades. As I looked up at it I couldn’t help but notice a white mist encircling the light fixture. Along the side of the fan nearest the head of the bed the mist was so thick that it was completely obscuring two of the fan’s blades. I could not see either blade through the mist.

I laid there thinking, “well, what is this, then?”

I looked around for a logical explanation first. I glanced over at the kitchenette area, which was about 8 feet to my left along my side of the bed. Along the ceiling in the kitchenette is a large air-conditioning vent. The air-conditioner was running at the time so I immediately thought the mist had been formed by humidity that collected near the ceiling fan, which was in the path of the air-conditioner vent. I laid there happy with that explanation and closed my eyes.

After a few minutes I got the strong urge to look up at the fan again and was surprised to see the white mist now slowly undulating around the five blades of the fan like a giant white boa constrictor. I watched, utterly fascinated. I’m assuming several minutes passed, but I never did look at the clock because I was too busy watching the mist. I tried to wake my husband, who merely grunted and never woke up so I don’t have a witness.

After what I guess to have been around five minutes the mist slowly began to dissipate and it completely disappeared within a few seconds. I went back to sleep wondering if our room was haunted, but I wasn’t afraid since I deal with this type of thing on a daily basis due to the nature of my business.

I told my husband about the mist the next morning. He’s an unbeliever, a Virgo and a born again Southern Baptist, so about as different from me as possible. He lifted an eyebrow and said, “well, maybe the room is haunted.” Then he smiled. I didn’t know if he was serious or just trying to humor me.

The next night I woke again at around 3:00 AM to a clicking sound. The sound was not steady like the ticking of a clock, nor did it sound mechanical to me. It sounded like something was repeatedly coming into contact with a hard surface. The entire floor of this room has ceramic tile so at first I wondered if something on the floor was being moved somehow and clicking against the floor.

The more I listened the more I began convinced the sound was coming from the bathroom. The sink in there is set into a cabinet with a surface covered in ceramic tile. I thought that something we had set on top of the sink was being moved in order to make that clicking sound. Mentally, I went through everything I had put on the sink and realized my razor was there. I always set my razor blade-side down so no one inadvertently cuts themselves on the blade. I realized that if you turned the razor blade side up that you could then place a finger on either edge of the blade and rock the razor back and forth on the sink.

I thought, no, that can’t be what’s making the noise because that would mean some entity was in the bathroom who was able to flip my razor over and then play with it. The clicking went on for about an hour and it kept me awake. Once again, I tried to wake my husband. He did hear the clicking and told ME to go check the bathroom. Gee, thanks a heap fearless husband! I was not about to go look, so I eventually went back to sleep.

The next morning I was the first one out of bed and I went into the bathroom to find my razor not only blade-side up, but on the RIGHT-hand side of the sink. I’m a lefty. I always set my razor down on the LEFT side. I asked my husband if he had moved it in the middle of the night and he swore he never touched it.

The following night upon getting into bed and laying there for about ten minute I heard a “slap, slap, slap” sound coming from the kitchen. I turned to my husband who was now turned facing me. He looked right at me and I said, “do you …” and before I could finish he said, “yeah, it’s in the kitchen now. Go look!”

I replied, “No, you go look!”

Husband, “do you think I’m crazy? I learn from horror movies. Those who look DIE!”

I replied, “So thanks a LOT for telling ME to go look!”

Meanwhile, the slap-slap-slap sound continued and I realized it was the sound of bare feet hitting the tile floor as they walked back and forth from one end of the tiny kitchenette to the other. I think this went on for around 30 minutes, but the last time I looked at the clock 20 minutes had gone by. Then I began to drift off to sleep with the slapping sound continuing on.

The following night we both heard the sound of small items being shifted around in position in both the kitchenette and the bathroom. Whatever this entity was, except for the night I saw it swirling around the ceiling fan, it had never come back into the bedroom portion of our room – something for which my husband was most grateful. When I got up in the morning I couldn’t tell if anything in the kitchen or bathroom had been moved or not, but during the night it sure did sound like items were being shifted around.

The next night was our last night on Maui. Nothing happened. All was quiet.

We got ready for the day and while I was using the sink I shoved the complimentary toiletries out of my way. They had been arranged in a straight line on the left-hand side of the sink. I shoved them further back and now they were in a sloppy triangular formation. I continued washing my face and getting ready. I went back out into the bedroom portion of our room to finish getting dressed. My husband was reading so he never left the bed.

I went back into the bathroom intending to put my make-up on, looked down and was shocked to see the toiletries once again arranged in a perfectly straight line on the left-hand side of the sink. I realized the entity had moved them so out of spite I moved them back into a jumped mess and said, “there you go! You’ve got some house cleaning to do!” Then we left to start our day.

We returned to pack for the plane ride home. I went into the bathroom. Lo and behold, the toiletries were once again arranged in a straight line! So I picked them all up & popped them into my toiletry bag and took them home. Now I have 4 tubs of complimentary hotel bath gel, hand lotion, shampoo and conditioner that have been touched by some mysterious entity.

Upon checking out I described our adventures to the manager and assistant manager. Neither one had ever heard anyone speak of anything paranormal about room 902 or any other room at the Ashton Mahana; however, as one of them pointed out to me, most people would be too afraid of ridicule to admit to having had such an experience so they could not rule out the place being haunted.

The assistant manager had an interesting theory. She said that many places on Maui are “haunted,” but not in the ghostly sense. Spirits of the land make themselves known on a regular basis, especially the Menehune, which are the Hawaiian version of fairies. They are known to be quite mischievous and many do not like messes. She felt that it had been a Menehune who had re-arranged the toiletries, but as to the footsteps and the white mist, she had no explanation.

Looking toward the island of Molokai from Room 902 at the Ashton Mahana on Maui.

Looking toward the island of Molokai from Room 902 at the Ashton Mahana on Maui.

As we left, my husband laughed and said to me, “leave it to you to end in a haunted hotel room.”

Well, I guess so, especially since it’s happened to me before. I doubt this will be the last time. Beautiful ocean views notwithstanding, the ghost was a nice touch! It sure did add some nighttime excitement to our vacation. If we ever do go back to Maui (highly probable since we both LOVE it there), we’re going to stay at the Ashton Mahana again and request the same room. Next time I’ll be bringing some equipment along and hope to catch some evidence of paranormal activity.

Mercury Retrograde: I’m Grateful it’s NOT Contagious!

Published June 12, 2014 by Nefer Khepri, Ph. D.

It’s funny how you can be driving around town and suddenly, right before your very eyes, Mercury Retrograde is doing its thing! This happened to me today, but thankfully it did not involve me.

I was driving to my physical therapy appointment (May 30th my husband & I were rear-ended by a drunk driver & I have whiplash). I have to drive halfway through a large medical complex to get to the building that houses my new orthopedist and the physical therapy department. The speed limit through this area is 30 mph.

So there we all are going only 10 mph & I’m stressing knowing this will make me late for my appointment. Since there is a large Chevy van in front of me I am unable to see around it. I have no idea why we’re driving 10 mph in a 30 mph zone.

The car in front of me makes a right-hand turn and I see a small Chevy that looks new, BUT there is a LOT of smoke rising up from under its hood! That car was the reason traffic was crawling along. Instead of pulling over to check their car they were continuing on their way. By the time we went another 2 blocks the smoke was so thick I was wondering how the driver was able to see to drive and weren’t they afraid the engine may be catching on fire???

They finally pulled over and I said a prayer for them and their car. I continued on.

Some guy then cut me off, which is par for the course here in Houston when you’re being legal and driving the speed limit. As we’re tooling along at 30 mph suddenly he slows to 15 mph and turns on his hazard lights. I manage to pass him and am only 3 minutes late for my appointment. I have no idea what was going wrong with his car, but he was obviously having some sort of problem that caused him to reduce his speed by 50%.

I have NEVER been behind TWO cars that suddenly developed car problems like they did today. I gave thanks for my vehicle and how reliable it is, plus it’s such a comfortable ride. The rest of my day continued on nicely and without incident. Tonight I also am grateful that Mercury Retrograde did not mess with me.

Mercury goes direct July 1st, but it will take Mercury another 1 – 2 weeks to settle its energy and begin to play nicely again. You all be safe, and definitely be more vigilant than usual when driving. There have been more accidents than usual around here. I don’t know if people are just being more reckless than usual or if it’s Mercury up to his old tricks. Stay alert & drive safe.


Nefer Khepri, PhD., R. M-T.




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